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Vaylia Ltd

Vaylia Integrated Security are experts in high security projects with a wealth of experience - its employees having worked on the most sensitive and high-profile sites such as:
• UK Utility Sites
• Cash Handling Centres
• Transport Infrastructure
• Gas installations
• Data Centres
• Prisons
• Space Rocket launch sites
• Pharmaceutical
• Petrochemical
• Other Critical National Infrastructure
• Stadia

What differentiates us is the real quality of our people - apart from having worked on the most prestigious of projects, they have the ability to solve complex security problems using their knowledge bank of products, their innovative approach, design capability and creative dynamism.

We offer a full package of services, from advice and specification to final delivery, installation, testing and sign-off.

We are also a research and development company creating in-house, novel and game changing security products and processes. These products we aim to design and test to internationally recognised standards.

We have teams of fully trained, security cleared installers who have worked on the most challenging of sites and who will complete a project to specification and on-time.

As well as developing our own product range we are aligned with some of the most important product suppliers in the fields of Fencing, CCTV, Detection Systems Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and building hardening solutions. This means we can offer a larger range of products and services than a single product supplier could.

We aim to lead with cutting edge technologies including Radar and LiDar Detection, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems, Anti-drone systems, the best in CCTV and Electric Fences.

We are able to provide Security Engineering, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments signed off by a Principal Member of the Register of Security Engineers for added piece of mind on CNI infrastructure.

We also have the capability to offer vehicle dynamic assessments for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation deployments, which are the first step in ensuring the correct specification can be identified.

We are a UK based business operating globally - our people having worked in many export markets - notably in the Middle East.

Our employees have designed, specified and delivered some of the most complex security projects there have been in the UK

Importantly we have also been involved with the testing of products to CPNI standards, PAS68 Standards and BRE Red Book. We now are currently involved with the testing of products to the latest LPS1175-Issue 8. An inherent understanding of these standards means we are better able to advise you from a very hands-on approach.

Our focused methodology means we can offer impartial practical advice on choosing solutions in the following areas:
• Perimeter Security/Fences
• Detection Systems
• Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
• Vehicle Dynamics
• CCTV and Video Analytics
• Mob + Crowd control
• Temporary Security Overlay
• Gates, Doors and locking systems
• Electronic Access Control

Vaylia are not manufacturers, we are not tied to any products or processes. We do offer some products as we believe these to be best of class. However, these may or may not be suitable for your scheme and we will always suggest a solution that will work for you.

As your projects progress, we can also offer detailed site surveys, including:
• Utility Plan Searches
• Underground Utility Surveys to PAS128
• Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Measured Building Surveys
• 360-degree virtual tours
• Full CCTV Site Surveys

We can then help specify products and processes to mitigate your security risks. We will write specifications; help you tender your project and then project manage its delivery and sign-off. We can then maintain your installation throughout its design-life.

If you do require a more risk managed general security consulting service, then we can also manage this process for you. We offer the envelope of our STORM Security Threat and Operational Risk Management process. This framework allows us to:
•Identify the full range of possible security risks or threat scenario’s facing an organisation or asset.
•Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organisation and/or assets to identify which ones are critical to your operational output.
•Identify to what extent your critical assets are vulnerable to each of the identified threat scenario’s materialising.
•Assess the potential impact or consequences to the business in terms of operational, financial, environmental and reputational losses.
•Advise on possible Mitigation Goals to reduce your overall risk exposure to As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP) or in line with Corporate Risk Appetite.

high-security projects offering a solution based upon the needs of our clients

This can include design, project management and installation up to a complete turnkey package. This means in effect we can design and build your security project and hand it over completed ready for operation.

We offer this service on a global basis and we can work on the largest of projects. Our strengths are our people and our genuine care for our clients.

However, what differentiates us also is that we are also a consolidator of security product and service manufacturers, meaning that many of our capabilities come from in-house.

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