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TITAN SECURE – Award Winning Cyber Secure Security Solution

At Visual Management Systems Ltd., we believe that the threat of Cyber Attack, as a means of criminal activity, is a real one and physical security networks, as a point of vulnerability. Access to the corporate network via security and surveillance devices, such as cameras, remains a serious issue and this is what prompted the development of the TITAN SECURE solution. Learn more

We believe that the innovative approach taken by our engineers has resulted in a secure end-to-end solution that will lower if not remove, the risk of a successful attack and this is supported by our customers and integration and technology partners.

The Challenge

Without the right level of network security measures in place, system users can be left vulnerable, resulting in exposure to the type of hacking and malware attacks recently hitting the news headlines. A serious security breach of an IP network can lead to system inoperability and network downtime, and at worst, direct access to corporate networks. Learn more

Ultimately, security and IT managers have a lot to gain by implementing the security advantages of a cyber secure surveillance and security network. Conversely, they also have a lot to lose should they ignore the security risks involved.

The Solution

Developed in the UK by Visual Management Systems Ltd., TITAN SECURE*, the cyber secure edition of the popular TITAN VISION PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) solution, has been specifically developed to reduce or remove the risk of Hacking and Cyber Attacks on your security network.

TITAN SECURE was developed to CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure), CAPPS approval (Cyber Approved Perimeter Protection System) standards and United States government, NIST security standard FIPS 140-2.

TITAN SECURE Cyber secure solution offers a fully encrypted system that secures all digital communication, maintaining the integrity of your security surveillance systems from the control device, to the recorded data and all system communication pathways. TITAN SECURE provides a “High Availability Mission Critical Fully Encrypted Communication Security Network”.

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Key Benefits:

  • Encrypted communication between all Titan Vision devices
  • Data integrity - prevention of interference with CCTV communications
  • No disruption to surveillance - ensuring uninterrupted coverage
  • Privacy and compliance with regulations - prevention of data theft and data diversion

TITAN SECURE has been deployed in many Sensitive and Mission Critical environments, either by our highly skilled engineers or via our network of integration and technology partners.

Typical environments include:

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Defence and Military Installations
  • List “X” Sites
  • Utilities
  • Sensitive Commercial Enterprises.

*Patent Pending

The next generation of cyber secure solutions will be released shortly. This includes a range of products that are both physically and logically locked-down, removing the threat to the corporate network completely.

The TITAN Ultimate Surveillance Solution Portfolio

TITAN SECURE is just one element of the sophisticated Security and Surveillance solutions which have been specifically developed for high risk environments

  • TITAN VISION - Integrated physical information management system (PSIM)
  • TITAN SIGMA – Total situational awareness - detection, verification, command and control solution
  • TITAN SECURE – Securing your security system and keeping you safe in a digital world
  • TITAN WALL – Multi-platform, modular Video Wall solution
  • TITAN REMOTE – Delivering real time live and recorded video from remote or mobile locations
  • TITAN AI – Advanced Imaging using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology
    • TITAN AI DETECT – Facial detection, recognition and analysis
    • TITAN AI IDENTIFY – Advanced imaging for facial recognition and identification
    • TITAN AI QUEUE – Advanced Imaging for customer centric queue management and analysis

About Visual Management Systems Ltd.

Visual Management Systems Ltd. is the leading provider of open platform, licence free security management systems in the UK. The company has a proven track record and has been protecting high value assets since 1996. The safeguarding of public and private assets (critical national infrastructure, police and military installations, airports, retail and oil and gas), is the key focus of the business today and its future endeavours.

Operating at the forefront of the security industry, to the latest CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) cyber security standards and in collaboration with technology pioneers in the academic world, Visual Management Systems Ltd. is an industry innovator and future proof supplier.

To maintain this enviable position, innovation and leveraging technological solutions dominate investment. This is particularly focussed in the areas of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Our practical, problem-solving and holistic ethos provides our customers with specialist technical expertise and a tailored approach. This offers ultimate surveillance solutions that are trusted, efficient and fit-for-purpose.

The Visual Management Systems Ltd. product portfolio comprises hardware, software, engineering and maintenance services, in addition to system design and commissioning. Our turnkey solutions also provide migration for legacy systems.

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