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Streamlight® has been lighting up the world for over 47 years

Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting devices, offers a range of high-quality portable lighting tools especially for law enforcement, military and sporting goods. From the very beginning Streamlight Inc. has been defined by their innovation. They have delivered effective, efficient, high performance lighting solutions featuring the latest technology, unmatched performance, durability and incredible value. Streamlight earned their reputation one customer at a time. Listening to their customers is a key feature that reflects many decades of invaluable insight and understanding; this approach led to new ideas and the ‘Brilliant Thinking®’ that sets Streamlight apart. Knowledge and experience combined with their technical capabilities have allowed them to consistently lead the industry.

When they launched in 1973, Streamlight set a new standard for the lighting industry with the development of the first million candlepower handheld light for NASA. Then, in 2000 they did it again with the introduction of the of the rechargeable Stinger®.  Its combination of size, performance and durability made it the first choice of law enforcement professionals the world over. Today, Streamlight has an impressive range of portable lighting tools.

Streamlight President and CEO, Ray Sharrah said “We have been raising the bar ever since, Streamlight is a pioneer, in rechargeable flashlight and we are revolutionising LED lights, making them brighter, more compact and incredibly durable”. He added, “We have extended the run times and are continually coming up with dramatic new ways to make our customers jobs easier and safer.”

Streamlight is leading the industry with the greatest variety of professional grade lights. They are trusted by professionals for a simple reason:  they are the best, offering performance and features that professionals need and can depend on.  The lights are available in many configurations and are supported by a range of accessories, delivering the right light exactly where it is needed. Streamlight offer a full range of weapon lights, with features and performance levels that meet the needs of the military, law enforcement, concealed carry, as well as the sportsman. From high lumen to laser, to infrared, Streamlight leads the Industry.

For the military special forces, Streamlight high performance lights, lanterns and weapon light/laser sighting devices and scene lighting solutions are engineered and manufactured, so that the same piece of gear can be used for everything from pinpointing to targeting. By consolidating features into a simple platform Streamlight is able to deliver products like the Sidewinder®, which enables operators to carry less gear and fewer batteries.

Some of the newest tactical and EDC products from Streamlight include:

The Wedge™
Slim, Compact Design for Everyday Pocket Carry; Delivers up to 1,000 Lumens

A USB-C rechargeable everyday carry flashlight with a thin, compact design for deep pocket carry. Featuring an intuitive rotatable thumb switch, the Wedge™ provides two modes: 300 lumen constant-on mode and 1,000 lumen momentary THRO™ (Temporarily Heightened Regulated Output) mode for maximum brightness.

Product Features:
Lumens:  1,000 lumens (THRO™ mode)
Battery:  Lithium Ion
Size:  5.46” (13.87 cm) x 0.60” (1.52 cm)
Weight:  3.3oz. (93.5 g)
Colour:  Black, Coyote

Available in black and coyote, the Wedge™ has an MSRP of £110* and includes the Streamlight Limited Lifetime Warranty.

TLR-7® sub
Low Profile Tactical Light Fits Subcompact Railed Handguns; Delivers 500 Lumens   

The ultra-compact and low profile TLR-7® sub is a weapon-mounted tactical light with an ergonomic on/off position rear switch. It is available to fit select GLOCK®, SIG SAUER®, Smith & Wesson®, Beretta®, Springfield Armory® and Heckler & Koch® railed subcompact handguns. Like other models in the line, it has a high power LED that provides extreme brightness for maximizing visibility and targeting capability in personal defence and other tactical situations. And its rear switch on the left and right of the trigger guard allows for ambidextrous operation.

Product Features:
Lumens:  500
Battery:  One 3 Volt CR123A lithium battery
Size:  2.51” (6.38 cm)    
Weight:  2.39oz. (67.76g)
Colour:  Black

Available in black, the TLR-7® sub has an MSRP of £165 includes the Streamlight Limited Lifetime Warranty.

TLR® RM 1 & 2 Laser Rail Mount Light Systems
Rail-Mount Tactical Laser Lighting Systems Fit Long Guns, Deliver up to 1,000 Lumens

Packaged as a system, each rail mounted light features independently operating push-button and remote pressure switches; the kit provides everything users need to mount to long guns. Also available in light-only models, the TLR RM 1 Laser and the TLR RM 2 Laser deliver 500 and 1,000 lumens, respectively.

The TLR® RM 1 and 2 Laser versions offer a precise red aiming laser for tactical and military users, along with a convenient mode select toggle switch. They also deliver a powerful beam with extensive range and solid, good peripheral coverage.

Product Features TLR® RM 1 Laser:
Lumens:  500
Battery:  One 3 Volt CR123A lithium battery
Size:  3.2” (8.13 cm)    
Weight:  2.97oz. (84.20g)
Colour:  Black

Product Features TLR® RM 2 Laser:
Battery:  Two 3 Volt CR123A lithium battery
Size:  4.6” (11.68 cm)    
Weight:  4.95oz. (140.33g)
Colour:  Black

Available in black, the TLR® RM 1 and TLR® RM 2 Laser Lighting Systems have MSRPs of £291 and £304, respectively. The TLR® RM 1 and TLR® RM 2 Laser Light-Only models have MSRPs of £264 and £277 respectively. Each includes the Streamlight Limited Lifetime Warranty.

About Streamlight®

Based in Eagleville, PA, USA, Streamlight® Inc. has more than 45 years of experience making tough, durable, long-lasting torches designed to serve the specialised needs of professionals and consumers alike. Since 1973, the company has designed, manufactured and marketed high-performance flashlights, and today offers a broad array of lights, lanterns, weapon light/laser sighting devices, and scene lighting tools for professional law enforcement, military, firefighting, industrial, automotive, and outdoor applications. Streamlight® is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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