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After spending the majority of the last 12 months in various types of lockdown, we know you will be excited to see the return of a more normal work-life on the horizon. With the government coming to the end of their restriction easing roadmap, many of us might begin to head back to the workplace to spend time with our colleagues. Here at St John Ambulance, we have been working hard to ensure we're in a place to give businesses like yours all the support you need with first aid, mental health and wellbeing training and supplies so employees can return feeling safe and confident.

As the nation's leading first aid charity, St John Ambulance offers everything you need to make sure your workplace is safe and compliant. By law, your workplace must have adequate and appropriate first-aid equipment, facilities, and trained staff so your employees can be given immediate help if they are injured or taken ill at work.

Now is the time to ensure you have sufficient workplace training and here is how we can support you:

†   First Aid at Work - The HSE-recognised First Aid at Work training course provides a comprehensive set of practical skills needed by first aiders in most workplaces, giving both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. It meets the standards required to help comply with Health and Safety (First aid) regulations

†  Emergency First Aid at Work - This one-day course will help you meet your regulatory requirements if your risk assessment indicates that first aid training covering emergency protocols only is sufficient for your workplace

You may be unsure whether you have the number of trained first aiders or fire marshals required for your organisation’s needs, so we have a Free Online Calculator for you to use to make it easy to find out what is right for you and your business.
In May, St John Ambulance was a big advocate for Mental Health Awareness Week; across the week we hosted 10 free webinars with over 2,300 attendees! We firmly believe that mental health first aid is just as important as physical first aid in the workplace. We recommend training as many people in mental health first aid as you do with physical first aid to give your staff the best support possible for all of their health, safety, and wellbeing needs.

In a recent SJA survey, we found that almost 50% of employees feel that their employer should be doing more to support employee mental health during the pandemic and 88% of employees were either a little or very concerned about their colleagues' mental health. As employers there is a duty of care to people, and this is a clear indication that workplaces still need to do more to support employees and their mental health.

We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and designed two NEW Workplace Mental Health Qualifications aimed to provide those who train with us with the tools and knowledge to support mental health in your workplace:

† Mental Health First Aid – 2 days – Designed and delivered by SJA, this two-day mental health first aid course qualifies delegates as Mental Health First Aiders. Delegates will be awarded the FutureQuals Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider qualification, which will equip them with the knowledge to identify those who require mental health support and the confidence to offer assistance when required

†   Mental Health First Aid – 1 day – Designed and delivered by SJA, this one-day mental health first aid course qualifies delegates as Mental Health Responders. Delegates will be awarded the FutureQuals Level 2 Award in Mental Health: Workplace Responder qualification, which gives them an understanding of mental health issues that can affect individuals at work. They'll also learn about key policies and best practice frameworks for managing mental health in the workplace.

†  Mental Health – Supportive Conversations – Our newest mental health course gives managers the instinct to spot when someone needs to talk, teaches them to listen effectively, and equips them with the confidence to initiate an empathetic conversation about mental health. The course also covers the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has on mental health and teaches managers how to have supportive conversations around this.

On our website, we've put together some free resources, tools and materials for you to use, including a workplace mental health & wellbeing checklist, our mental health blog from leading organisations in workplace mental health support and our quiz to test your current mental health knowledge.
As well as world-class training courses, St John Ambulance offers a full range of workplace supplies ranging from first aid kits to personal protective equipment to health and safety equipment. With returning back to the workplace potentially fast approaching, it’s important that your employees feel safe. Due to the recent spread of Coronavirus, Public Health England has advised everyone to be highly diligent in preventing the spread of germs. Now is a good time to make sure that you're fully stocked with everything needed to prevent the spread of germs, check out the range of products we stock, such as hand sanitisers, wipes, disinfectant sprays and tissues.

Now is the time to make sure that you have sufficient workplace safety supplies to make sure your employees feel confident and protected upon their return. We recommend that you check products have not passed their expiry date during Covid lockdowns.

If you need some help with picking the perfect product for your workplace, we have a several supplies guides to help you with your choice including a defibrillator guide for first-time buyers, a workplace first aid kit buying guide and a fire extinguisher buying guide.

We sell the same products that we at St John Ambulance use so you can know that you're getting the best. As well as this, all of the money spent by our customers on first aid training and supplies goes back into our charitable functions at St John Ambulance, which you may have seen over the last year in our work to support the NHS throughout the pandemic and vaccinate as many people as possible in the UK. So you can be proud that every penny you spend with us, is going towards supporting a charity and saving lives.


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