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Simunix LTD – ORBIS™

Established in 1998, Simunix was the first non-telecom company to bring free directory enquiries to the Internet. This followed the deregulation of the directory data sources found in BT’s OSIS database and since then, ORBIS has become the go to online source for people, business and address searching in the UK

Building on the popularity of our free online directory service, a corporate version of ORBIS™ was created and expansion in data enhancing facilities was deployed. This resulted in Simunix investing heavily on new data suppliers, to create a version of ORBIS™ that was restricted to law enforcement organisations.

ORBIS™ is used by many large private and public limited companies in the UK and around the world. New features are added regularly as a result of personal requests for services in ORBIS™, from users, and our experienced development team add new features and developments quickly.

ORBIS™ is used as an intelligence gathering interface. With mainstream license opportunities.

The different search features available in ORBIS™ increase efficiency in the work place. Less time waiting for information to come back from Intel departments, means that investigation work and verification services are met with rapid results.

Search features available in ORBIS™ are;

  • Person searching
  • Address and person verification
  • Mobile validation
  • Business credit reporting
  • Director and Shareholder searching
  • Mapping facilities to include Geo Tagging and Geo Searching
  • Homeowner verification
  • Title deed downloads
  • Linking records / house occupants / business associates and family members
  • First and Second resident searching

We build our database by including many licensed data suppliers, and search platforms with bespoke algorithms to enhance the capabilities of the service.

Although we supply unlimited usage and unlimited concurrent user access to all features in ORBIS™, there are options to create ‘Premium User’ restrictions to your own required search features. Although we do not recommend this, you could have restrictions in place.

ORBIS™ has bulk data enhancing services, for mobile and telephone number reverse searching, business records and person/address files. This is done on the user interface, and records returned are downloaded automatically onto a CSV file.

We work closely with all our customers to ensure all users are well trained and all features available in ORBIS are used thoroughly throughout. Training is also provided free of charge once an ORBIS™ license has been implemented.

Our enthusiastic sales and training team are happy to provide service demonstrations to small groups or large area meetings. We are keen to get out on the road, to ensure our customers are looked after and ORBIS™ is made the most of.

If you would like more information on ORBIS™ or would like to speak to one of our team, you can do so by getting in touch through our website, contacting us directly over the phone or by email.

01904 567765


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