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As COVID restrictions ease, and large sporting events, festivals, and concerts return, so does the presence of large crowds, which sadly brings with it targets for terrorism including vehicle-borne attacks. The security breaches at Wembley Stadium during the Euros reminded us how quickly things can escalate when venues are unprepared, and have insufficient or untested security measures. Heathrow Airport have recently installed permanent hostile vehicle mitigation measures, an appropriate response to the substantial terror threat in the UK. 

Jacksons Fencing is a UK fencing manufacturer, specialising in premium quality security products with a 25 year guarantee. We design, manufacture, supply and install everything from welded mesh panels, vertical bar fencing, and metal railings, to acoustic barriers, LPS 1175 security rated products, and hostile vehicle mitigation solutions. Our aim is to satisfy every security need with high quality, long-lasting security products, with minimal maintenance and a low lifetime cost, and a duty to get it right first time. With over 270 employees situated at our sites in Kent, Bath, and Chester, we have an extensive team of experts, including experienced sales teams, CAD technicians, delivery drivers, account managers, craftsmen, and installers.

We manufacture a complete range of crash rated vehicle security barriers, including bollards, road blockers, rising arm barriers, fencing, and gates.

Crucially, environments at risk of terrorism and vehicle-borne attacks need to make people feel safe. While visible security can be reassuring, it can create an uncomfortable atmosphere. With that in mind, our solutions have all been designed without compromising on aesthetics.

Our static PAS 68 bollards are ideal for use in public spaces, shopping centres, commercial premises, stadiums, and the transport sector. Capable of stopping a 7.5 tonne lorry travelling at 50mph, while allowing easy access for pedestrians to filter through, they are a simple and effective way to protect against ramming. For locations where authorised vehicle access is also required, our automated PAS 68 bollards provide flexibility, allowing bollards to be retracted with a remote device. All our bollards are hot dip galvanised and can be polyester powder coated in a range of colours to enhance their appearance and durability against rust and corrosion.

Our manually operated crash-rated rising arm barrier is ideal for car parks and delivery entrances at sports and entertainment venues, and town centres which need flexible vehicular access. The 6m barrier has been physically impact tested to IWA 14-1 criteria a number of times with a 7500kg N2 vehicle travelling at 30mph. PAS 68 impact tests on variances of the gate have included 3 metre, 4.5 metre and 6 metre clear width opening models of the gate. Such testing provides assurances that this solution is capable of withstanding attempts to break through and gain access.

Linebacker® PNR is a cable crash fence and gate system that is capable of stopping a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 50mph, but it has the appearance of a traditional post and rail fence. This type of fencing is often installed as a standoff fence, and keeps the main perimeter intact, should a vehicular attack occur.

For another discreet HMV security solution, we offer an extremely heavy-duty crash-rated road blocker which can protect against 20 tonne vehicles. It passed the crash test with ‘0’ penetration, and was still operational after use. 

Our barriers, road blockers, and bollards are ideal for areas which allow the free flow of pedestrians, but some sites may also require security against intrusion and authorised access. Our PAS 68 bi-folding speed gates provide rapid access to and from sites, and can be configured with a range of access control devices. Combining crash protection with security and visibility, they are ideal for high security sites such as data centres, utilities, prisons, and government facilities.

Physical security is achieved, not just by installing security products and hoping for the best, but by working with experienced industry experts to carry out an extensive risk assessment and provide security solutions tailored to the risks you face. We recommend testing out temporary HVM solutions based on vulnerabilities highlighted in your risk assessment before committing to permanent measures, to ensure the correct fit and positioning. Cambridge City Council is a perfect example, having recently made the decision to upgrade the temporary HVM barrier on King’s Parade to a permanent solution after successful testing. Temporary solutions as the name suggests are only provisional, and shouldn’t be used long-term. Additionally, they have a large footprint as they do not have foundations, and generally have an unfavourable appearance. 

The threat of terrorism is unlikely to ever go away, so investing in quality products from the offset means safer environments that are here to stay. Contact Jacksons Fencing today for advice on protecting your site from hostile vehicle attacks.


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