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SAFECROWDS is an established provider of integrated security and counter terrorism services, deploying teams, equipment, and expertise across a wide variety of sectors, including sports and stadiums, major events, local authority, hospitality, retail, night-time economy, corporate security, and construction.

Risk Assessment & consultancy
SAFECROWDS provides counter terrorism and security planning and consultancy, leveraging the expertise of its team to help clients devise and implement a strategy aligned to identified risk and operational requirements.

With an established track record of providing Threat Vulnerability and Risk Assessments (TVRA) and Vehicle Dynamics Assessments (VDA), SAFECROWDS takes an evidence-based approach to advising clients on the right combination of physical counter terrorism measures, trained personnel, and other services, ensuring that HVM equipment is correctly specified and installed to mitigate the identified risk.

Head of Risk and Counter Terrorism at SAFECROWDS, Jonathan Neal, is a former Thames Valley Police CTSA. NaCTSO and NPSA trained, Jonathan has a degree in criminology and criminal law, which included a dissertation on intelligence failings in the run up to 9/11. He is highly qualified and experienced to provide robust TVRA and VDA that consider a broad range of threats, including vehicle attacks, cyber security, vulnerability to IED and knife attacks, and online reconnaissance.  

Jonathan is also an AET-qualified trainer with SCaN (Scan, Check and Notify) and ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) training experience. He joins an experienced team of security and counter terrorism professionals at SAFECROWDS, where every member of staff is first aid qualified and ACT trained.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)
SAFECROWDS provides specification, installation and management of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent HVM equipment. The company offers a wide range of HVM systems to enable appropriate and proportionate specification aligned to the identified risk and operational requirements.

An authorised UK distributor for the ARX Security ARX Stopper!™ HVM system, SAFECROWDS also offers the RB50, the Pitagone F18, HVM planters, HVM bollards, mobile speedbumps, PIPS, and various certified HVM systems from Rosehill and SafetyFlex.

SAFECROWDS’ HVM expertise is often integrated with other safety, security and counter terrorism Services, including traffic management, security personnel, K9 dog detection, and covert security. The company’s HVM team also carries RAPAID emergency bandages at every temporary HVM deployment to ensure that help is at hand in the event of an accident, incident or injury.

Security and Counter Terrorism Personnel
SAFECROWDS provides an integrated approach to counter terrorism and security, deploying both equipment and expertise to keep people and assets safer.

Alongside spectator safety trained security and stewarding personnel, SAFECROWDS also deploys trained ‘spotters’ who are experts in identifying suspicious behaviours. This service ensures a joined-up approach to counter terrorism protection, enabling detection of reconnaissance, planning, and enabling activities, as well as raising the alarm of imminent threats.

Where an individual is at potential risk, SAFECROWDS can also provide experienced close protection professionals, many of whom are from a police or military background. The company’s experience includes close protection of political figures, sports stars, and celebrities and SAFECROWDS has even taken care of an entire national football team during a major tournament.

K9 Dog Detection Services
SAFECROWDS’ integrated security and counter terrorism services include K9 detection teams, with trained dogs and their handlers sweeping a location to search for drugs, explosives and pyrotechnics.

Sweeps of a location by SAFECROWDS experienced teams prior to an event can verify that there are no explosive devices on site. SAFECROWDS’ trained dogs and handlers can also be deployed at entry points to a venue to support bag checks and body searches with expo and pyro detection.

All of SAFECROWDS’ teams are directly employed by the company and have been screened and vetted to BS7858, including ID, employment history, and credit checks. All certification and training is verified and kept up to date, with many of the company’s team trained in-house at the QNUK and Highfield accredited SAFECROWDS Academy.

The SAFECROWDS Academy trains the company’s own team, clients and industry peers across a range of security, counter terrorism, health and safety, and customer service disciplines. SAFECROWDS’ teams are only deployed on site after they have completed the classroom learning for an accredited course, not, as is common in the security industry, after they have enrolled on the course.

SAFECROWDS’ leadership team of CEO Rory McGoldrick, Operations Director Vicki Hearn, and COO, Steve Faye, have almost 50 years’ combined experience in the security sector. During the course of their careers, this team of professionals has advised on security and counter terrorism protection for high profile events and clients in the UK and abroad, ranging from the 2012 Olympics and Olympic torch rally, through to close protection for a princess from the Gulf. The company is committed to a 3600 approach to security and counter terrorism, which leverages their experience along with the benefits of a professional team, a best practice approach, and the latest innovations in HVM.


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