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Remtech is a UK company first established in 1980 and has a long history of providing protected environments to the IT sector. In partnership with RCS we manufacture and install ModuSec - a high security modular panel construction system. The system is still protecting critical IT, but also critical infrastructure utilities, research and test facilities, secure offices, armouries, guard posts and storage of critical assets. It is designed for use as a complete external building - assembled on site to any size or style or factory built and transported as a complete unit, internal enclosure within a building or as partitions. The system includes wall and ceiling panels, support steelwork, doors, grilles and windows plus roof and rainwater goods for external sites. The system is quick and clean to build and requires little or no ongoing maintenance.

It provides a 90-minute fire rating (integrity and insulation), a U value of just 0.18 W/m²K to meet Building Regulations for external envelope cladding plus security options to meet LPS1175 SR1-SR5, EN1627/30 RC5 and the latest UK Government CPNI forced attack standards.

Remtech now launches a new option to meet blast & ballistics protection.

A complete enclosure with 2 doors was tested with 100 Kg of TNT equivalence at 25m and then the same enclosure was exposed to the same blast level at 15m with a peak pressure measured at 290 KPa and peak impulse pressure of 1023 KPa. Doors were fully operational with no internal panel damage or fragments.

The enclosure was also submitted for independent ballistics testing using the criteria of EN1522/23 for FB4 (.357 & .44 Magnum) on panels, joints, doors, frames and interfaces. Although this certification is not applicable to a complete enclosure, a ‘Pass’ was achieved on all these tested elements of the build.
The design of the ModuSec System allows inclusion of even higher-grade materials for protection up to FB7. AK-47 7.61 x 39mm and 7.61 x 51mm calibre test shots into the panel material passed the tests without penetration or spall.

The single source ModuSec package includes advice on testing standards, design, manufacture, delivery and installation and is suitable for any secure or protected environment.

See www.modusec.com for details.

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