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Whether you’re searching for evidence, responding to an urgent incident, or identifying a suspect, high definition thermal optics and low light imaging provide you with accurate critical information that allows you to react quickly. Protection is imperative when you have to confront unpredictable situations every single day; we can help keep you and the community safe.

The FLIR thermal product portfolio for public safety agencies is now more extensive than before with the addition of the FLIR Scion™ Professional Thermal Monocular (PTM). The Scion PTM is powered by FLIR’s high-performance Boson® thermal core for greater image quality and features connectivity with FLIR TruWITNESS® to allow real-time encrypted thermal video streaming to provide professionals with greater situational awareness.

The Scion PTM allows users to quickly detect objects with greater detail and offer clear vision in low visibility conditions. Available in a 60 hertz refresh rate, the Scion PTM features two gigabytes of internal storage and a microSD™ card slot to record both geotagged video or still images for later playback. Additional features include, picture-in-picture zoom, global positioning system (GPS) functionality, and both Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi capabilities to allow simple file transfer between devices.

When linked with the FLIR TruWITNESS wearable sensor platform built for city-level security and public safety operations, Scion PTM combines video, audio, and location data to allow organizations to stream thermal footage of any pursuit, evidence recovery, or search and rescue effort to the command center via wireless network.  

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