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Premier face recognition technology supports advanced video screening and analytics applications

With increasing accuracy and speed, face recognition technology has established its effectiveness in preventing ID fraud and supporting criminal investigations. In recent years, use cases have broadened to include real-time video screening for security measures, and the analysis of faces in images/videos for commercial applications.

Cognitec’s video screening and analysis product FaceVACS-VideoScan performs real-time identity checks against image databases while computing the count, flow, demographics and behavior of people visible in video streams.

Surpassing traditional video surveillance systems, the software detects people’s faces in live video streams or video footage, and stores video sequences of cropped faces (face streams) for each appearance in front of a camera. The unique technology then compares all appearances against each other in real time to determine and cluster identities.

People analysis and crowd detection

Anonymous analysis of all face streams over time allows the software to compute people count, demographical information, people movement in time and space, and to detect frequent visitors and crowds.
For example, FaceVACS-VideoScan can achieve a highly accurate person count, since a person seen once will be re-recognized and therefore not counted again. Operators can also receive an alarm if too many people gather in a specific area and measure waiting times to direct traffic. The analysis of traffic patterns and crowd incidents can help businesses create safer operating environments.

Real-time alerts

FaceVACS-VideoScan also applies Cognitec’s premier face recognition technology to compare faces to image databases and instantly find known individuals. Businesses and organizations can detect and prevent unwanted behavior in much faster and more efficient ways, as operators can track individuals online, or receive alerts on mobile devices to act within the immediate vicinity of a suspect.

On the other hand, FaceVACS-VideoScan can identify authorized individuals or high-ranking customers in real time. Positive authentication can prompt access to restricted areas or alert personnel to provide special treatment.

A comprehensive solution

But the software alone won’t produce optimal results. Businesses and government organizations are looking for a cohesive, integrated system that combines hardware, software, and services, and that integrates seamlessly into their existing systems and operations.

Types of cameras, their positioning and tuning; high performance server choice; setting up an optimal network infrastructure; configuration of the solution; funding and deploying the system—all these components play an important part.

Making them work together, and supporting their continuous operation and maintenance, needs a specialist face recognition company with a proven track record in the biometrics industry.

The trusted face recognition company

Cognitec is the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition technology since its inception in 2002. Experiencing steady growth at business locations in Dresden, Boston and Sydney, the company is proud to maintain a stable, market-leading position within the industry, and to uphold the trust it has gained as a reliable, experienced provider of biometric technologies.

Various independent evaluation tests have proven the premier performance of the FaceVACS® software. Cognitec’s portfolio includes products for facial image database search, recorded video investigation, real-time video screening and people analytics, border control, and biometric photo capturing.

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