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Precision analytics for defence and security

Metrohm is a leading manufacturer and supplier of handheld material identification systems intended for the military, first responders and police. Our Raman systems are standoff detectors that allow you to identify hundreds of explosives and hazardous materials from a safe distance – anywhere and within seconds.

These systems were developed in close cooperation with professional first responders. While providing ease of use and speed, addressing the need for safety of drug task force officers, hazmat teams, and bomb technicians in particular.

Metrohm’s handheld material identification systems are lightweight, barely larger than a smartphone and meet the specifications of MIL STD 810G. In addition, we can offer you many other methods and applications for quality control during the manufacturing process of military technology.

The Mira DS XTR handheld analyser enables you to perform the measurement in any situation. Thanks to a variety of sampling attachments for measurement, you can avoid contact with unknown substances and ensure fast, straightforward and safe operation. The new patented XTR function, which enables an advanced ability to eXTRact the Raman signal from fluorescent samples.

• Analyse plastic bags comfortably using the Right Angle Attachment.
• Identify liquids and powders through bottles or plastic bags with the Universal Attachment.
• Extend the reach of the analyser using the Ball Probe Attachment.
• Stay safe and analyse substances from a distance of up to 1.5 meters with the Autofocus Standoff Attachment.
• Now thanks to Metrohm's ID Kit, you can also detect heroin in dirty street samples in just a few minutes.

The TacticID is a handheld material identification analyser for rapid field identification of explosives, narcotics and other suspicious materials. The see-through capability of the TacticID can non-destructively analyse samples through opaque and transparent packaging. The sample threat level is displayed prominently for first responders, safety personnel, law enforcement, bomb squads, customs and border protection, and hazmat teams to act quickly with minimal sample contact.

The TacticID can scan a large sample area, producing a fluorescence-free spectrum with no sample burning, allowing users to identify dark and coloured materials, tough street samples, inhomogeneous mixtures and materials directly through packaging.

With over 75 years of experience, Metrohm are leading supplier of technical solutions and application know–how for chemical analysis. Using our instruments, you can analyse the elemental composition of all kinds of substances in any condition – quickly, reliably and with the highest precision. These high standards for quality, reliability and performance are well proven, as we continue to innovate and launch new products towards an ever demanding market.

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