Company Focus

Making the World Safer

Major Security Challenges
The vulnerability of crowded places to terrorist attack has never been more apparent. Recent high profile terrorist incidents involving the combined use of firearms and explosive devices have highlighted the increasing unpredictability of terrorism while exposing the serious shortcomings of existing security measures. To stay ahead of these security challenges, society needs innovative solutions that address the significant gap in current capabilities.  

About Apstec™
Since 2003, Apstec™ has been fulfilling our mission to make the world a safer place by contributing to the fight against terrorism. Backed by years of extensive trials, and rigorous research and development by leading experts at the forefront of radio physics, electronics, software engineering, security operations and counter-terrorism, Apstec has developed breakthrough technology solving one of the most challenging security dilemmas of our time – extending secure perimeters and efficiently protecting vulnerable crowded places without causing delay to intensive people flow. Human Security Radar® (HSR®) is the cutting-edge technology that achieves this, supplementing and significantly fortifying existing security measures, thereby, protecting people in vulnerable crowded places from the risk of terrorist attack.

About HSR® The First Fully Automatic Real-Time Mass People Screening Solution
HSR® provides seamless security for protecting public places from terrorist attacks. The fully automatic walkthrough system uniquely combines unparalleled high throughput, speed and accuracy to deliver the most effective solution for mass people screening on the global market.   HSR simultaneously screens multiple subjects in real-time for explosive devices and firearms hidden under clothes and in backpacks without the need for an operator to inspect suspect materials. HSR uses safe, active, wide angle, millimetre wave technology. HSR is the most efficient, advanced and reliable solution available to the market.  HSR advantages include:

  • Unique and Innovative Security Screening Technology  
  • Unparalleled High Throughput, Un-interrupted Crowd Flow
  • Detects Threats Automatically in Real-Time
  • Exceptionally High Accuracy, Addresses Prevalent Threats
  • Extremely Low False Alert Rate
  • Convenient and No Disruption   
  • Totally Safe for Employees, Customers and the Public

An Innovative and Rigorously Tested Solution
As well as holding patents allowed and pending in 59 countries worldwide, HSR has demonstrated the technology’s exceptionally high accuracy rate and an unparalleled throughput with the capacity to screen up to 10,000 people per hour in numerous successful trials with leading international organisations, national laboratories and national police and intelligence services.

Working with Security Leaders
Counter-terrorism and security requires a proactive approach to tackle the ever-changing threat landscape. HSR offers forward-thinking governments and organisations, with a desire to be leaders in the security world, the opportunity to acquire and implement cutting-edge technology, providing a unique opportunity to take a quantum leap forward in the capability to combat the threat of terrorism. A number of leading and innovative organisations across the public and private sectors in are working with Apstec to dramatically improve security in crowded public places as diverse as large event venues, stadiums, airports, hotels, transport hubs, and significant buildings.  Through Apstec’s international partner network the company has the capability to support customers globally and is currently active in more than 24 countries internationally.