Premier face recognition technology supports advanced video screening and analytics applications

With increasing accuracy and speed, face recognition technology has established its effectiveness in preventing ID fraud and supporting criminal investigations.

TITAN SECURE – Award Winning Cyber Secure Security Solution

At Visual Management Systems Ltd., we believe that the threat of Cyber Attack, as a means of criminal activity, is a real one and physical security networks, as a point of vulnerability.

Streamlight: A history of performance

Streamlight: A history of performance

Streamlight® has been lighting up the world for over 45 years.

Elistair drone tether used for pop up telecommunications

The Fazoli’s Freedom Festival is the annual Independence Day celebration of the city of Morehead, Kentucky, USA. An estimated 10,000 spectators attend the event on a single day.

International Espionage – Examining the evidence

Terrorism and information security / cyber related crime continue to be a significant global threat.

High Security Gate Innovation

Eagle Automation have been designing, manufacturing and installing security gates for over 25 years.

Cadmidium Services

Cadmidium Services

Cadmidium Services is a reliable and dedicated company with a Mission to provide solutions which add value to the Defence and Security of the United Kingdom and its Allies.

University of St Andrews

Certificate in Terrorism Studies by University of St Andrews

The Certificate in Terrorism Studies is the leading and most influential qualification in this realm of study.

2X Systems

A recent entry into the security screening market, UK-based 2X Systems’ products are uniquely UK-manufactured – and provide innovative yet uncomplicated security scanning solutions at competitive prices to meet the requirements of the industry and its customers around the world.

Trace Explosive Detection for Enhanced Public Security

Author: Ryan Holland, Product Manager, FLIR Systems, Inc.


Remtech is a UK company first established in 1980 and has a long history of providing protected environments to the IT sector.

FLIR Systems, Inc

FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness.

Eskan Electronics

Our mission is to make the world a safer place

There are many threats which endanger life or disrupt peoples’ lives, Eskan concentrates on providing intelligence and security services with tools to make their operations more effective by dealing with real threats or preventing threats from  happening.

Precision analytics for defence and security

Metrohm is a leading manufacturer and supplier of handheld material identification systems intended for the military, first responders and police.


Commercial organisations are increasingly at risk of physical attack as would-be intruders become more sophisticated in their planned assaults.


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