Company Focus

Hugslock Systems Ltd

Hugslock Systems Ltd is a safety and security service provider offering industry leading incident prevention and response management for critical infrastructure. Hugslock Systems is based at Dorset Innovation Park, an advanced engineering cluster of excellence for the South West, building on strengths in marine, defence and energy.

In developed countries, most infrastructure is situated underground. This may be in the form of electricity, gas, water, sewerage, drainage and telecommunications. Hugslock Systems has designed a range of products that are market leading in the field of Critical Infrastructure Safety & Security. Our business is built around the identified need for secure access covers that truly protect the critical infrastructure that services every aspect of daily life.

The company has launched its flagship product an "intelligent" access cover. Hugslock has redesigned the traditional access cover, allowing for remote monitoring 24/7, environmental monitoring and remote locking. We have created the iNTelligent Access Cover Technology system. “iNTACT” is secure, tamperproof and provides information about its’ environment to a central system.

iNTACT will revolutionize the security of underground critical infrastructures. It is secure, impenetrable and intelligent. The access cover can also be connected to underground utilities such as broadband and power networks which provides an enhanced level of service to customers. Whether you operate communication networks, utility services or secure high-profile locations, it is critical to ensure that you have 100% controlled access to ensure business continuity and the highest level of service is provided to your end customers. iNTACT allows existing and new infrastructure to work smarter, supporting clients to manage assets and resources efficiently.

Intelligence is embedded within the cover in the form of sensors that can offer various monitoring capabilities such as gas, heat, water sensors, Infrared CCTV, motion, bio-hazard and seismic. iNTACT removes the need for any physical inspections, as the remote-operated locks can be remotely monitored from a central control room.

iNTACT provides real time remote monitoring and state of the art control via a secure dashboard tailored to a client’s needs. 

iNTACT removes the need for physical inspections. 

iNTACT monitors it’s environment constantly through a range of sensors. 

iNTACT can be fitted to a range of access covers.

iNTACT provides bespoke sensing options based on a client’s needs. 

iNTACT is a fully preventative solution providing remote locking and notification of an attack at first contact.

For more information visit our wesbite or visit us on the Proctecting Urban Spaces Demonstrator.