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Eagle Automation

Eagle Automation have been designing, manufacturing and installing security gates for over 25 years. From its head office in North Weald, Essex, Eagle design and build physical security solutions that comply with both PAS 68 & IWA-14 standards.

Eagles high quality, bespoke counter terror solutions have been tested with 7.5 tonne vehicles at speeds up to 50mph. As a result Eagle is a UK market leader in the field of counter terror protection and are at the forefront of technical innovation for high security gates, bollards, blockers and municipal street furniture.

Eagles counter terror security gate solutions can be tailored to suit operational requirements and are, manufactured to deliver complete reliability and years of trouble-free operation. Eagles gate designs can be aesthetically blended into the building or existing perimeter line, reducing the visual aspect of hostile vehicle mitigation. Eagle also have a large UK wide network of specialist engineers, each one an expert in the maintenance throughout its life time.

Street Furniture

Eagle have recently added a range of pedestrian furniture security products to work in conjunction with other high security solutions such as bollards, road blockers and security gates.

Eagles PAS68 crash tested Cycle Hoops are an alternative form of protection to a line of heavy bollards. Integrating crash tested protective technology into cycle parking can help to minimise street clutter and maintain minimalist aesthetics to public spaces. This style of bike locking stands are ideal for city centres, larger business building and municipal developments.

Eagle Cycle Hoops are shallow mount and have been impact tested with zero penetration at 48kph with 3.5 tonne vehicles, at multiple angles. Cycle hoops can be finished in Galvanised, painted or stainless steel.


Eagle have also expanded their pedestrian security with a series of turnstile products ranging from tripod style turnstiles to fence line and full height turnstiles.

Tripod turnstiles provide a stylish, robust and practical solution for the regulating of pedestrian access, where it is necessary to restrict unauthorised visitors, whilst maintaining a welcoming and unimpaired environment.

Eagles full height turnstiles come in single entry units, encompassing SR1–SR4 rated turnstiles in single and double configurations rated from SR1-SR3 with a variety of hooped, paddle and straight bar rotors.

The required strength of the SR4 product dictates the use of a paddle bar rotor. All the other externally accredited products (SR1–SR3) can have straight bar rotors and are available as single or double units.

The turnstile is designed to be surface mounted for rapid deployment and ideal for sites such as airports, power stations, military sites and ports.

There are many different HVM solutions available to mitigate the risk of a vehicle attack. Eagles crash tested range of products include Rising Bollards, Static Bollards, Road Blockers, Sliding Gates and Bi-fold gates.


Eagles road blockers have a fast-operating cycle; quickly raising to stop unauthorised traffic and swiftly lower, so not to impede traffic flow. An over-ride device for emergency service vehicles is fiited as an option. The road blocker is designed to ensure that arm and leg injury by moving parts is not possible. In the event of power outage, a hydraulic hand pump solution is included for manual raising and manual release for lowering. Accumulators can be added to provide emergency operation.


Eagles static or passive PAS 68 bollards provide a fixed or removable solution for public areas.

Static bollard range includes the world’s first surface mount bollard, an ultra-shallow foundation bollard, a shallow foundation single unit bollard and mid depth foundation bollard. Eagle also offer a range of different diameters, with many of bollard solutions offering removable options.

Eagles automated bollards are the ideal solution to control vehicle access to restricted and secure areas. Offering a range of hostile vehicle mitigation bollard options, including PAS68 rated solutions, these bollard products are specifically designed for use in highly vulnerable public areas. Municipal and public areas of risk of vehicle borne threats include stadiums, shopping centres, stations and airports.

Security Gates

Eagles impact tested Bi-Folding Gates have been successfully tested to PAS68 standards, stopping a goods vehicle of 7.5 tonnes at a speed of 50mph with only 0.70 meters of penetration and no debris. Eagle Impact tested bi-folding gates consist of Eagles proven fibre technology providing a fast, efficient and quiet operation.  Ideal where space is restricted and vehicle movements are high.

With over 25 years of experience, Eagle are specialists in the design and manufacture of hostile vehicle mitigation systems. Eagle Automation’s high standards for quality, reliability and performance are well proven, as Eagle continue to innovate and launch new products towards an ever-demanding market.

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