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High Security Gate Innovation

Eagle Automation is at the forefront of technical innovation for high security gates, bollards and street furniture that have been meticulously designed, manufactured and installed to provide the highest levels of protection possible against terrorist threats.

Eagles’ suite of hostile vehicle mitigation (HMV) products and deterrents are designed to withstand attacks against vehicle born threats. Designed for high security premises, high traffic areas, publicly accessible spaces and venues as well as high profile government buildings.

Understanding the threat levels to your business or property and protecting your assets and interests, forms part of your security risk assessment, followed by identifying the measures that will contribute to reducing the overall risk.

A hostile vehicle, intent on entering security control points, needs to be physically stopped with minimal destruction. Deploying vehicle security barriers and counter terror gates with proven impact testing and reputation is one of the best methods of combatting counter terror.

Eagle Automation have been designing and manufacturing security gates in house for over 25 years to both PAS 68 & IWA-14 standards. Our high quality, bespoke counter terror gates will withstand impacts of up to 50mph, making us a UK market leader in the field of counter terror gates and barriers.

Every counter terror security gate we produce is custom designed for each individual project we undertake and each gate is manufactured to deliver complete reliability and years of trouble free use. Our gate designs can be aesthetically blended into the building or perimeter line, reducing the visual aspect of hostile vehicle mitigation.

Being at the forefront of product innovation, quality and standards, Eagle offer a level of expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry. Eagle also have a large UK wide network of specialist engineers, each one an expert in the upkeep and maintenance of your system through its life time.

There are many different solutions available to mitigate the risk of a vehicle attack aimed at premises or people. Our crash tested range of products include Rising Bollards, Static Bollards, Road Blockers, Sliding Gates and Bi-Fold Gates.

PAS 68 Blockers
Among Eagles portfolio of security gates we have a selection of reliable and durable impact tested blockers. These products are ideal for controlling vehicle access at high security premises and sites at risk from ram-raiding and vehicle theft.

Our road blockers have a fast operating cycle; quickly raising to stop unauthorised traffic and swiftly lowers so not to impede traffic flow. An over-ride device for emergency service vehicles fitted as standard. The road blocker is designed with a full height skirt to help reduce possible areas of entrapment. In the event of power outage, a hydraulic hand pump solution is included for manual raising and manual release for lowering. Accumulators can be added to provide emergency fast operation (EFO).

PAS 68 Bollards
Our static or passive bollards provide a fixed or removable solution for the protection of public areas. Our static bollard range includes the world’s first surface mount PAS 68 bollard, an ultra-shallow foundation bollard, a shallow foundation single unit bollard and mid depth foundation bollard. We also offer a range of different diameters with many of our bollards having removable options.

Eagles automated bollards are the perfect solution to control vehicle access to restricted and secure areas. We offer a range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HMV) bollard options using our PAS 68 rated bollards, that are specifically designed for use in highly sensitive and vulnerable public areas at risk of hostile vehicle borne threats, such as stadiums, shopping centre's and airports.

Eagles impact tested bollards have all undergone strict testing to ensure they provide maximum effectiveness against high speed and high impact threats. All of our static bollards and our raising bollards are tested up to 50mph and with designs producing Zero penetration at 30mph. Our crash tested bollards are designed to withstand a higher usage and physical impact over automatic standard systems, whilst still maintaining the same unobtrusive aesthetic to fit in with the local surroundings.

PAS 68 Gates
Eagles impact tested Bi-Folding Gates have been successfully tested to PAS 68 standards, stopping a goods vehicle of 7.5 tonnes at 50mph with only 0.70 meters of penetration and zero debris. Our impact tested, shallow mount, Bi-Folding Gates are constructed to the highest standards with a smooth and quiet operation.

Our PAS 68 Bi-Folding Gates are trackless as standard but available as tracked. In the trackless option, the product does not require any ground or overhead track to fold the gate in half. This gate instead uses an in-house folding system housed inside the casing on top of the post hung leaf. In the tracked option, tracks are installed either over head or in ground to fold the gate in half.

With over 25 years of experience, Eagle are specialists in the design and manufacture of hostile vehicle mitigation systems. Our high standards for quality, reliability and performance are well proven, as we continue to innovate and launch new products towards an ever demanding market.

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