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Defending the defenders, Hesco products have been used to change landscapes and build city-like military fortifications around the world, protecting people and places, whenever and wherever needed.

Hesco are the original developers of the Defensive Barrier. HESCO® earth-filled MIL® units have been used around the world to create barriers for perimeter protection, construct temporary accommodation, and provide high-level security control. They have become a prominent component and benchmark within worldwide force protection and have been used by military organisations including the US Army, UK MOD, USMC, USAF, and NATO in every major conflict since the first Gulf war, saving countless lives and mission critical assets.

In a changing world, with changing threats, it’s not just on the battlefield that they’re needed. Across the public and private sector, the need to field against attack is an increasing concern. So how do you take the world’s most famous barrier into civilian and high-risk settings?


In 2016, a hostile vehicle attack was committed in Berlin. A hijacked truck was deliberately driven into a Christmas market, killing twelve, and injuring a further 56.

Two years later, the market was set to reopen for Christmas 2018. Security measures were of paramount concern, needing to be highly-effective, reassuring yet non-alarming, and visibly counter-terrorist.

Hesco’s TERRABLOCK is their solution to the growing need for hostile vehicle mitigation and forward-thinking perimeter security. Reinventing what it means to be behind Hesco, with a high-tech patented range of protective barriers. All the strengths of the original, redesigned from the smallest details up.

In Berlin, it was the clear choice of product to protect, while communicating an counter-terrorist message by a show of strength. Hesco’s technical team got to work designing the most effective TERRABLOCK configuration to protect the site. The flat-packed units are easy to transport, install, and recover with no structural damage or alternation to their surroundings. The team worked through the night with local forces on the ground, to ensure a swift installation without disruption to daytime traffic.

Originally developed for the 2012 London Olympic games, TERRABLOCK provides a completely surface mounted security solution, ideal for corporate and civilian environments. Rapidly deployable, surface mounted, anti-climb and crash-rated. A truly versatile solution, capable of tackling the dangers faced in the harshest of conditions, as well as the most innocuous.

Despite the minimal impact to the local environment or event aesthetics, TERRABLOCK uses Hesco’s patented energy transfer system (ETS) to offer protection against hostile vehicles. Independently crash-tested, it carries an IWA-14 rating against impact penetration. With full access control, The Hesco TERRABLOCK System is a complete solution to modern public and high-security protection.

Hesco engineer products that inspire confidence in military, security and environmental applications. They invest in solutions to reduce logistical burdens when faced with an emergency. They continue to develop new applications and innovations for protective systems, and  maintain integrity and innovation in everything they create.


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