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Getac: Powerful, rugged technology you can rely on in all conditions

Celebrating 30 years of rugged innovation

Getac was founded in 1989 as a joint venture between GE Aerospace and the MiTAC-SYNNEX Group with the primary aim of developing mobile rugged devices for the military and defence sectors. In the 30 years since, an unwavering focus on innovation and customer needs has seen the company grow to become one of the leaders in its field. Today, Getac sells through nearly 80 countries and generates revenues in excess of US $819 million (2018).

A key factor in this success has been the growing popularity of rugged technology as a whole. In the past it was seen as a niche, often costly requirement, with limited appeal outside of the harshest military environments. Whilst offering advanced innovation in specialist areas such as durability and screen quality, early rugged devices also sometimes lagged behind standard consumer PCs in terms of computing performance. However, advances in both technology and design have all but eliminated this historical trade off, allowing Getac to produce rugged devices that offer the same functionality and mobility as standard computers, but with all the added benefits that rugged brings.

As a result, the diversity of sectors Getac is now producing devices for has grown significantly, making for greater customer choice and the ability to match hardware to specific business requirements. Rugged is no longer just a specialist technology driven by military demands, it has evolved to meet the demanding expectation of a wide range of industry users.  Modern rugged systems can address huge challenges in all kinds of working environments ranging from pitlanes and workshops to warehouses and oil rigs, each customised to fit exact needs.

This has resulted in a significant rise in demand across sectors including emergency response, industrial manufacturing, public safety and oil & gas, where working conditions are often too challenging for consumer orientated laptops and tablets. Business and IT leaders in these areas are now realising the benefits that rugged can bring, both in terms of employee productivity and reducing total cost of ownership across their technology fleet.  

Key technology challenges in the modern counter terrorism industry

Modern counter terrorism operations are often highly fluid, with opposition tactics and capabilities differing substantially from those of counter terrorism forces. Responses to these threats need to be dynamic and agile, leveraging modern mobile solutions to enhance productivity and operational efficiency.

Performance and reliability are also key in extremely challenging working environments. When every second counts, authorities need rugged devices and solutions they can rely on to get critical data into the hands of those that need it most, as quickly as possible.  In short, there’s no room for technical issues or device failure.

Why choose Getac?

Getac delivers rugged mobile computing solutions that offer precision, reliability and performance in even the toughest operating environments.

Trusted to deliver
With a 30 year heritage of rugged innovation, Getac focuses on reducing, Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) on all of its devices, providing end users with cost-effective, powerful Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions.

Product longevity
We practice strict product lifecycle management to fulfil product verifications, minimising the number of system platform changes and control migration to new generations. The emphasis is on establishing a clear, long-term roadmap and gradually integrating new technologies, thereby avoiding unnecessary technical redundancies.

Industry-leading services
Customers seeking the best in rugged computing technology are choosing Getac because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Getac devices have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry and because of that we offer our 3 year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty including accidental damage cover as standard.

Bespoke engineering
We offer complete system integration such as firmware and software setup to fulfil strict customer requirements. Bespoke solutions include Custom BIOS settings, bespoke colour options, incorporation and installation of specialist connectors and legacy interfaces, asset tagging, logo badge and ID customisations.

COTS fully rugged devices
Our mission-critical Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computing solutions deliver high powered processing and reliability in operational environments. This fit for purpose (FFP) Windows and Android hardware enables the stable running of Command, Control, Communication, Computer and Intelligence (C4I) and Technical Publication Documentation (Tech Pubs) applications in operational environments, where downtime can have an unacceptable impact on operational effectiveness.

Tested and trusted
Getac products are manufactured and certified to the strictest sector standards – MIL-STD 810G and MIL-STD 461F. All provide full integration with our mechanical hardware, software, optical and RF engineers and are comprised entirely of independently verified and tested components.

For more information on Getac, its full range of rugged devices and solutions, customer case studies and other useful resources, please visit our website.


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