Company Focus

Evolve Dynamics

Evolve Dynamics is a UAV / drone design and build innovator based in Guildford, UK.

We design and build complete mission specific aircraft and related systems and software in the UK, in our lab in Guildford in Surrey. We are one of very few UAV / drone companies based in the UK, able to provide rapid repair and maintenance services without needing to send anything abroad and often within a few hours drive from the customer.

Answering real world needs and requirements

Our flagship product, Sky Mantis has been designed and built to answer a plethora of very specific requirements and problems that emergency services, rapid deployment units, security operatives and special forces face today.

We conducted extensive research into use of currently available drones in emergency services, engaging various police, firefighting and search and rescue organisations and determined the key features they required - that were lacking currently or were not available in one package.

Evolve Dynamics Sky Mantis has the following features:

  • 1 hour flight time
  • 70 KMH wind tolerant
  • Rain tolerant
  • Dual cameras:
  • 1) 30 times optical zoom visible light HD
  • 2) 640x512 high resolution 30 FPS thermal
  • Camera that is able to look directly up and down (180º degree viewing angle)
  • Rapid deployment - from bag to air in 30 seconds
  • Compact fold up design - backpack carry
  • Rain proof remote controller
  • Backlit buttons and labels on ground controller for night operation
  • 10 second battery swap out
  • 5km radio range
  • Live secure video link streaming from the drone to anywhere in the world
  • Various upgrade options
  • Low acoustic signature
  • Competitively priced

Field tested in many different scenarios, Evolve Dynamics Sky Mantis is the only UAV to answer so many requirements in one single package. Most UAVs / drones today fly for not much more than 20 minutes, take several minutes to deploy, are unable to fly in the wind (above 40KMH) and rain and have a single camera on board.

Competitive pricing

Most critically - similarly featured (although no other drone has all the features of Sky Mantis) drones all cost significantly more than Sky Mantis - as much as £80,000 ($105,000). We were very cost conscious when designing and building the sky Mantis since budget constraint was one of the key issues that came up during our research. You will be surprised with the incredible value for money you get with the Sky Mantis.

It took almost 2 years to design, build, test and trouble shoot the Sky Mantis and to get it to the stage in which the product is now. Various forces helped with feedback and ideas, especially the Gwent Wales police drone unit.

The full workflow

The result is not just the best features on the drone - we’ve carefully thought about the full experience: transporting the drone, charging, getting the bag in and out of the car or truck, getting the drone out of the bag, handling the remote controller, viewing the video feed - not just in the field but also back at headquarters and much much more.

Customised solutions

Evolve Dynamics are also able to customise solutions to match exact customer needs if the out-of-the-box product does not fit fully and tweaks are critical. We usually work these in as a new feature so as to benefit all customers. From time to time we also engage in one-off customisations and custom projects also.

We have had a variety of customisation requests, which we tried to work into the product - back lit ground controller labels and buttons, waterproof USB port for saving video and photos, turning lights off completely, separate video viewer and much more. We always stay very close to customers to understand best we can how they use our products, what their typical usage scenarios are and what are the real world problems they are trying to solve - drone or no drone.

Company capability

Evolve Dynamics has full design and build capability in-house and via strategic partners - from mechanical and aerodynamics design, to metal, composite and plastics tooling and manufacturing, electronics PCB design and manufacturing, electrical engineering, battery production, software development including firmware, FPGA and server side, distributed high availability systems.

Live secure video streaming

For most emergency and security scenarios a local recognisance view is not sufficient and many require live view to be available in many destinations to allow multi force effort coordination and tactical decisions to be made instantly.

Evolve Dynamics Field to Cloud provides a secure live video stream from the drone in the field to anywhere in the world by securely streaming video from the ground controller to a secure server via a bonded, resilient Edge, 3G or 4G connection.

The “glass to glass” view lag is around 600 milliseconds allow for live truly tactical intelligence.