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Cranfield has a long history of specialising in Defence and Security subjects and boasts unique facilities for teaching and research in these areas. The staff are recognised as leading international experts and teaching is exclusively geared for postgraduate students.

We offer two separate courses in Counterterrorism.

The Counterterrorism MSc is built on four core modules covering critical issues such as: the strategies, tactics, ideologies and causes of terrorism, understanding the methods and theories of counterterrorism, and applying it in action and in different contexts

Students then choose from over 20 elective modules – a unique mix unlike any available in the UK which allows students to specialise in different areas ranging from firearms and explosives forensics to a host of specialist areas in terrorism and counterterrorism, including cyberterrorism, CBRN terrorism, and much more.

The MSc in Counterterrorism, Risk Management and Resilience is specifically tailored for students interested in developing a career in the risk management or insurance sectors with a focus on protective security against terrorism and related threats.

This pathway should appeal particularly to candidates who are either serving or recently retired from government, military or policing agencies, or those who are already in the risk management or insurance space who want to specialise in counterterrorism risk management and protective security.

The courses help prepare students for both academic and non-academic careers, bringing together a unique mix of different subjects, combining modules from soft and hard sciences. The skills students gain will reflect the modules selected. Students will gain fundamental knowledge, core expertise and advanced, evidence-based methodological tools and approaches necessary to understand, analyse, prevent and mitigate terrorism.

Our Master’s programmes sit within the Cranfield Forensic Institute and benefit from joint expertise and allow students to choose elective modules from courses within the forensic landscape such as ballistics, explosives and investigation.

The recent investment of £7.2 million into the latest forensic equipment, teaching spaces and experienced and industry-relevant academic staff has meant students and staff now have access to brand new world-class facilities and teaching spaces that are unmatched in the UK.

Cranfield Forensic Institute (CFI) has a long history of providing the next generation of forensic experts, and alumni have gone on to work around the world for a multitude of public, private and government services. We also have invested in extensive expertise and exceptional facilities in a wide range of forensic sciences specialities.


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