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Cova Security Gates

Still pushing the barrier with our invention not convention mantra.

  1. Established in 1987 we are renowned for being the first to market on many HVM perimeter security products that protect some of the world’s most iconic, high profile buildings and property.

  2. We were the first to design, manufacture and install a road blocker (CSG 10503) in 1989. It was installed behind a main gate, out of public view at the British Consulate General, Istanbul, to protect the main building from vehicle attack.

    In 2003 our road blocker was subject to an attack with an attempt to drive at speed to breach the perimeter, of the Consulate building. The attempt was arrested by our blocker preventing incursion, undoubtably saving lives and extensive property damage.

  3. At the time, no vehicle impact test standards were available. Cova were among the first companies to achieve the new standards when introduced.

  4. We then developed the first trackless HVM crash tested bi-folding gate, the CSG10640 and the CSG10650 saw us to deliver the result our core mantra of Invention not Convention.

  5. Being first to market, many of our products have been replicated by others, but it is our high quality, experience, world class process and global reputation along with our 34-year heritage that sets us apart.

  6. The pandemic has seen growth follow across many sectors. The demand in improvements to perimeter security, with premises remaining empty whilst employees work remotely. The surge in demand for our products, has seen key appointments being made to meet both current demand and future growth. Growth has been seen within our Commercial team that has more than doubled in size, demonstrating the uptake of opportunities, new orders, and product support though our maintenance contracts.

  7. These new global conditions also bring significant change in how we work, learn, and entertain. The cloud-based data storage facilities that enable this new way of life, has seen Cova Security Gates become long-term preferred supplier with multiple global data centre clients. Long term contracts have been agreed with some of the world’s leading providers.

  8. We continue to see growth that has resulted in new clients, contracts, and opportunities. The increased level in our business has seen the need for new key positions to be created resulting in Cova now employing more than 50 colleagues.

We continue to remain actively committed in the development of new HVM products to fulfil our Invention not Convention determined mindset.


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