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CLD Physical Security Systems – the trusted partner in anti- terrorism solutions

Ensuring sites and areas are impassable to intruders through effective physical security is a cornerstone of counter terrorism strategy.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing and security gates, CLD Physical Security Systems provides innovative and trusted solutions that deliver best in class anti-terrorism perimeter protection for both temporary and permanent use.

Products are available for every situation, including high security fencing and access control, as well as hostile vehicle mitigation, together with innovative temporary solutions for protecting sensitive construction sites and crowded spaces at public events.

CLD Physical Security Systems is widely regarded in the security community as providing the gold standard for high security sites, - with systems accredited in the Secured By Design Recognised Products for Counter Terrorism list and approved for use in Critical Infrastructure by the CPNI.

With an extensive track record operating in some of the most demanding environments, the business has the knowledge and insight to help security personnel and procurement professionals navigate complex, rapidly changing situations, which can present a variety of challenges to the protection of personnel and facilities.

The company’s expertise in temporary solutions is also called upon to help organisations manage the requirements of Protecting Crowded Places, where those responsible for publicly accessible locations should take appropriate and proportionate measures to protect the public from attacks.

The anti-terrorism experts
With a reputation largely based on word-of-mouth recommendations, CLD Physical Security Systems’ experts offer guidance to the best possible security fencing and gate systems, bringing international experience, backed up by local level intelligence and service delivery on the ground that is second to none.

CLD’s dedicated, in-house team includes security experts, research and development specialists, CAD Designers, Structural Engineers, technical representatives and manufacturing professionals, with the vision and insight to constantly deliver the innovative solutions clients need.

With many decades of combined experience, this dynamic team offers a 360-degree view of clients’ requirements, combined with defined processes, procedures and efficiencies in place to deliver a world-leading offer that ensures the company retains its position at the forefront of industry.

CLD Physical Security Systems’ customers value the company’s discreet, confidential and considered advice.

And, as trusted advisors, CLD’s expert team know a project has to be right first time.

A reputation built on heritage
Established almost 50 years ago, CLD Physical Security Systems is now the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing systems and security gates.

Decades later its values still remain the same, namely to provide the very best in quality products, backed-up with outstanding customer service.

The company is proud of its British heritage and its world-renowned, globally recognised position in the world of security.

Since its formation the business has been run by the Wells family, with its headquarters in Cheshire in the north of England.

Its first security project started in Crewe, in Cheshire, home to one of the UK’s largest rail networks, where it was tasked with offering a protective solution for the rail service.

Today, that fencing remains intact – and the high levels of service delivery, knowledge on the ground and exceptional products used in the project remain at the heart of the business philosophy.

This approach that has led to sustained growth across the business. Over the years, CLD Physical Security Systems has gained recognition internationally for its pioneering approach, with its first works abroad in South Africa, where the company was tasked with protecting precious stone mines and other sites where security was paramount,

Its heritage and future are built on innovation and a bespoke approach to meeting the needs of clients. Over the decades it has consistently blended British ingenuity, engineering prowess and a creative approach to deliver exactly the type of solutions customers want.

CLD has also expanded to include offices in London, Sydney, Washington, Dubai, and most recently Buenos Aires, as well as distributors in more than 10 countries. This international footprint enables clients to have the same tried and tested solution on all their sites globally.

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