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Apstec’s Innovative HSR™ High-Throughput Security System

Delivers Low Contact, Free-Flow Security Screening

Apstec Systems – Human Security Radar® The First Fully Automatic Real-Time Mass People Screening Solution provides security for protecting public places from terrorist attacks. The fully automatic walkthrough system uniquely combines unparalleled high throughput, speed and accuracy to deliver the most effective high-throughput people screening solution on the market.  

Securing crowded places from the threat of terrorism has been a clear requirement for many years. However, implementing proportionate security measures that are effective, practical and affordable without undue disruption is extremely challenging. Traditional aviation style checkpoint security approaches are not well suited to securing crowded place.  They are typically too slow, overly intrusive, require a high level of staffing and can cause large queues at the entrance.  Moreover, with the current pandemic, they are high risk because they put people in close proximity to each other, expose staff and the public to high levels of physical contact or require multiple people to touch pieces of equipment.

Apstec Systems is leading the way in providing seamless security for public spaces with HSR™ -- the fully automatic walkthrough system that uniquely combines unparalleled levels of high throughput, speed and accuracy with positive visitor experience.  HSR is a free flow system that enables the security screening of thousands of people an hour.  HSR detects improvised explosive devices, firearms and other weapons.  It uses a number of complementary technologies combined with sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to discriminate explosives and weapons from benign materials, with a high degree of accuracy. It detects non-metallic as well as metallic threats, enabling the detection of low metallic improvised explosive devices.

HSR provides an opportunity to secure crowded places in a way that is practical and proportionate, allowing people to go about their daily lives without unnecessary disruption. It offers a practical solution and simple operational concept to meet the challenges of protecting crowded places from terrorism.

Furthermore, HSR is perfectly designed to support social distancing and low contact security screening.  The inspection zone of HSR is several meters wide and up to 6 metres deep, allowing the free flow of people through the system. HSR also offer a much-improved personal experience for those passing through them. No divestment is required, personal contact is avoided for the vast majority of people and high value clients are offered a service that is more consistent with their expectations.  The whole operation requires only a handful of security staff but may deliver the throughput and security effect of 10-15 conventional security lanes, or more, where a manual screening or traditional approach is used.

In addition to early tests by internationally recognized organizations and governmental laboratories such as NATO, The United States Department of Defense, The Dutch National Laboratories and the United Kingdom Home Office Laboratories, HSR™ has now been widely tested and recognized by numerous police forces and government agencies internationally.

HSR has been deployed to improve security in crowded places such as stadiums, exhibition centers, concert venues, major events, places of worship, entrances to airport terminals, transport hubs and critical national infrastructure.   Recent examples include the G20 Summit in Osaka Japan, where Kansai International Airport deployed HSR to enhance security in the general landside areas and terminal entrances, as well as the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland where Palexpo Exhibition Center deployed HSR to enhance security while improving the visitor’s overall experience.

After years of extensive research and development by leading experts in radiophysics, electronics, software engineering, security operations, and counter-terrorism, we have developed breakthrough technology, Human Security Radar® (HSR™), that solves one of the most challenging security dilemmas of our time: protecting vulnerable, public places without causing delay to intensive people flow.

Our mission is to make the world a safer place by contributing to the fight against terrorism. We offers forward-thinking governments and organisations that desire leadership in the security world the opportunity to acquire and implement cutting-edge technology to combat the threat of terrorism. Leading organisations across both the public and private sector work with Apstec® to dramatically improve security and public safety.


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