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Ansell has been a leading global provider of personal protection solutions for over 100 years and every day helps keep millions of people around the world safe. The company designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of solutions that meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the healthcare and industrial markets. Protection is their primary concern, as people around the world depend on Ansell in their professional and personal lives.

They are a global leader in protection solutions with a committed workforce of more than 13,000 employees across 55 countries dedicated to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of billions of products around the world. Ansell is striving to create advanced solutions and technologies that will solve the challenges industrial workers face to create a safer world. Their vision is to create an environment where people can enjoy optimal protection against the workplace risks to which they are exposed.

Ansell’s innovative ideas are not just created by employees, but in conjunction with end-users which enables Ansell to look at solutions through the eyes of the people who rely on their products.

Ansell’s unique proposition of hand & body chemical protection solutions: AlphaTec®

Ansell has an extensive brand portfolio, serving multiple end user markets from Healthcare to Industrial. Moving forward, the core brand for Ansell’s unique proposition of hand & body chemical protection solutions will be AlphaTec®. AlphaTec® has a strong history in being one of the first brands to drive advances in chemical protection technology. With the integration of the MICROGARD®, MICROCHEM® and TRELLCHEM® product portfolio, Ansell can now provide comprehensive chemical, liquid and multi-hazard protection solutions.

Environments have many high-risk hazards and AlphaTec® products aim to provide wearers with optimal protection, comfort and performance to ensure wearer safety against a multitude of hazards. Selecting protective equipment is a crucial, yet challenging task for Safety and occupational hygiene professionals worldwide. Since extensive and often complex product portfolios are made even more complicated by evolving industry standards and regulations, mean assured compliance is becoming increasingly difficult.

Chemical Protection Technology

Ansell’s products are one of the most technically advanced ranges available on the market helping to protect workers from gases and vapours through to liquids and solid particulates. All products are certified to the European Norms specified in Category III of the PPE directive (as of 21st April 2018 this was replaced by the new Regulation EU 2016/425, whereby all Ansell products have been or are in the process of recertification during the 1 year transition period ending 21st April 2019) for chemical protective clothing. Additionally, the product range has been extensively tested to achieve American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and the Korean Occupational Safety and Health Association (KOSHA) guidelines on chemical protective clothing. Protecting people while they work in dirty or hazardous environments has always been the focus of Ansell. Whether working with liquid or solid chemicals, chemical warfare agents, asbestos, paint, oil, grease, viruses and blood borne pathogens, or one of the countless other workplace contaminants in evidence today, Ansell can help keep you protected.

When choosing chemical protective clothing, consideration has to be given to permeation and penetration, and the physical performance attributes of the product (abrasion, tear and tensile strength). Other physical properties to consider are the strength of seams and closures (i.e. zips) the flexibility, weight and comfort factors (i.e. thermal insulation, breathability). The best chemically resistant material will be ineffective if torn, cut, punctured or otherwise damaged. Wearer protection and comfort are the cornerstones of product design and Ansell products undergo extensive internal and external testing to ensure permeation, penetration and physical performance standards are met.

To help you select the ideal hand or body protection solution, please visit Ansell Guardian Partner. The database features up-to-date permeation test data for a wide range of chemicals. For specific chemical protection challenges, an expert assessment is available to provide a simplified set of choices, drawn from our broad portfolio of chemical protective clothing.


The Ansell multi-hazard chemical protective clothing range has been developed to provide outstanding quality and exceptional performance as the suits are designed with functionality and maximum protection in mind to ensure personnel can work safely while completing their job efficiently. The company has built its reputation on introducing new technology and designs to the market to improve wearer protection and comfort.

Ansell have two products, AlphaTec® EVO and AlphaTec® FLASH which have both been certified in accordance with NFPA 1991:2016 standard, including the optional flash fire and liquefied gas testing.

Each suit is manufactured with excellent resilience for extended chemical response missions and biological hazards. The company is a member of the Safety Equipment Institute, US (SEI) certification programme, and manufactures its AlphaTec® suits in accordance with NFPA 1991 accreditation.

The threats posed by a potential CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) incident - whether caused by accident or by a deliberate attack – are constantly evolving. For military as well as civil defence units including armed and Special Forces, national home guard organizations, coast guard and CBRN defence units around the world, it is a continuous challenge to keep up with this development.

Not only does it require knowledge, capability, preparedness and training to be able to meet the threat. The military professionals that have to deal with these kinds of incidents and substances – as first, second or third responders – also need proper protection!

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Upcoming Events

Counter UAS 2019
Apr 16, 2019


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