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Formerly known as the Home Office Scientific Development Branch exhibition (HOSDB), Security & Policing 2012 is the UK’s only secure event for police, law enforcement and security professionals tasked with security, civil protection and national resilience.

It will be running in 2012 at FIVE (Farnborough International Venue & Events) in Hampshire from 31 January to 2 February.

With a 30 year history and a global influence, this UK Government event has grown to be the cornerstone of the security calendar. It brings together international professionals and experts from government, law enforcement, police service, critical national infrastructure (CNI) and industry in a crucible of shared knowledge and experience, focusing on the Home Office priority areas: security and counter terrorism, crime and policing, border security and immigration control.

Approved attendees
The event is attended by Home Office agreement only, meaning all visitors and exhibitors are approved to participate before they are allowed entry. This allows visitors to discuss operational requirements with exhibitors, who can demonstrate more sensitive equipment in confidence. The event is organised by ADS, the UK trade organisation representing the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors, on behalf of the Home Office, which directs the event in partnership with UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI DSO).

In March 2011 ADS signed an agreement with the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) to organise the event on their behalf for a further 10 year period.

HOSDB 2011 saw 3,954 registered and approved visitors from the police, public security and Critical National Infrastructure spheres, representing 572 UK and international organisations (including police forces, government organisations, departments and agencies; and key providers of CNI). The event hosted over 400 security companies, all approved by the Home Office in advance of their attendance.

Product showcase

A unique aspect of the event is the way in which companies are allowed to present themselves. Exhibitors are limited in exhibition stand size to ensure that the focus of the event is on the technology being displayed and not the power of the PLC. Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) can therefore exhibit their, often niche, products alongside major UK primes, offering full security systems and solutions in a comfortable environment where the focus is on technological capability.

Since 2010 a formal government overseas delegation programme has been running at the event, with security dignitaries and operators from around the world being hosted at the exhibition by UKTI DSO. This will continue in 2012 and representatives from over 50 countries will be in attendance at Security and Policing 2012. 

Industry feedback
In October 2011 ADS released its inaugural survey of member companies operating in the security sector. The survey comes as the third chapter of ADS’ analysis of the sectors it represents, following on from the established aerospace and defence surveys.The Security Survey presents the performance of the security sector as represented by ADS. It identifies the importance to the UK of the security sector in both the UK and in terms of potential exports. In the UK, surveying only ADS security members, the industry employs around 51,000 people directly in the hi-tech and service-oriented end of the sector. Domestic security sales dominated overall revenue, being worth £1.8bn (81 per cent) of the total £2.23bn in 2010, while export sales totaled £430m – with cyber security sales being particularly high (for further details on the Security Sector Survey please see www.adsgroup.org.uk/security).

It is clear that the security sector is of vital importance to the UK’s safety, both financially and physically – and a major contributor to sustaining this business and developing it further is the Security and Policing equipment exhibition.

Security and Policing provides government security professionals with a unique opportunity to source thousands of technologies and solutions showcasing the latest specialist security products, technology and services.

Debating today's threat
The event hosts a unique Government Zone which brings together government agencies from the policing and security sphere, to create a forum designed to tackle the unique threats posed by today’s security environment against a background of increasing financial pressure. Security professionals can access the latest and often very sensitive, technologies on the market and assess their ability to improve operational capabilities.

A highlight of the exhibition are the Home Office briefings, delivered in the form of an Outreach Programme which focuses on critical and prominent topics to inform industry of current government thinking.

Originating from the Home Office’s desire to engage with industry, the Outreach Programme first appeared at the event in 2010. It proved highly successful and has this year grown further to provide the opportunity for senior government security officials to host a series of short workshops and briefings. In 2012 these workshops will provide insight, depth and clarity on key areas of government planning, as well as information on current and future programmes. Particular emphasis will be placed on the challenges facing the policing, security and Critical National Infrastructure landscape in an atmosphere of austerity, and on how working and developing initiatives with industry will drive the future of policing, law enforcement and security. These free-to-attend sessions are open to all visitors and exhibitors at the event.

The 2012 Outreach programme will focus on surveillance, e-crime and the Olympics.

Conflict Management
In addition to the Outreach Programme, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Conflict Management annual conference will be held at Security and Policing 2012. This is the first time this important conference has been held during the event and represents the further realisation of the need for engagement between government and industry, particularly in regard to security and policing.

Protecting the CNI and ensuring the continuation of political, social and economic activity is vital to the UK. Any disruption, damage or destruction to part of the CNI could result in grave consequences to the functions of government, the economy and society.

Securing and protecting CNI from threats as diverse as terrorism, natural disasters and climate change is a constantly-evolving challenge. This challenge is met at Security and Policing 2012, which aims to demonstrate solutions through industry’s technology, capability and expertise at delivering simple solutions to complex problems.

Award for innovation

The UK security industry is a world-leader in the innovation of Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing and Services and ADS is committed to raising the profile of the industry.

As part of this initiative we have developed the ADS Security Innovation Award. Now in its sixth year, the ADS Security Innovation Award is presented to the winning creator of a piece of equipment, technology or service, which is deemed to be unique and innovative. Judges, from industry and government, have traditionally looked for innovation that has been conceived and marketed commercially in the previous two years, and equipment or technology which has significantly improved crime prevention, or has made Police/Law Enforcement Agencies’ operability more efficient.

Entering the ADS Security Innovation Awards has proved to be a great way of showcasing innovation to the security community for industry. The awards are presented at the Security and Policing gala dinner.

The 2012 Dinner will be held at a prestigious and exclusive venue and will host over 250 guests including specially-selected guests from CAST, UKTI DSO, Office of Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT), Law Enforcement Agencies, leading Industrialists, Security and Policing 2012 exhibitors and their guests. The Security and Policing dinner has always been hugely popular as it offers an opportunity for exhibitors to host their guests and to network with other exhibitors and guests. 

Further information and visitor registration for Security and Policing 2012 is available on the event website.

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