The UK Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado GR4 fighters have carried out the first airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq.

The radical preacher Anjhem Choudary has been arrested along with nine other men on suspicion of supporting a banned terrorist group and encouraging terrorism.

Senior EU officials have said that a major Islamist terror attack in a European centre is increasingly likely, with Islamic State (Isis) members who were raised in Europe returning from the fray in Iraq and Syria.

British police arrested nine men in London on Thursday morning on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and being members of and supporting banned organisations.

The UK should be prepared for military involvement in Iraq for years to come, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has warned.

Addressing parliament before the NATO Summit in Wales, Prime Minister David Cameron announced a range of measures to combat the growing threat of Islamic State extremism.

According to the latest intelligence from the United States, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) controls an area the size of Britain.

Negotiations between the two coalition parties over controversial plans to extend anti-terrorism powers continue today, in an effort to reach agreement before David Cameron addresses MPs.

The UK’s top police officer has said that British citizens who travel abroad with an eye to becoming terrorists should be stripped of their passports.

The European Union has sought to forge a unified response to the rapid advance of Islamic militants in Iraq and the resulting refugee crisis.

The first consignment of UK emergency aid has left RAF Brize Norton for Iraq as the West tries to counter the threat from the militant terror group Islamic State (IS) in the troubled country.

The United States and Australia have signed an agreement to bolster US air and navy presence in northern Australia, under a plan to strengthen defence ties and project more power into the Asia Pacific, where China's influence is growing.

President Barack Obama has quietly agreed to a secret ten-year deal with the United Kingdom to collaborate on nuclear weapons technology and materials.

Norwegian security service PST said  that it has received information about an imminent threat against the country from individuals with links to Islamic fighters in Syria.

Britain will invest 1.1 billion pounds in defence equipment such as surveillance aircraft, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday, to enable it to better respond to threats including terrorism and cyber attacks.

Airports including London Heathrow, Europe’s busiest, stepped up security checks with unspecified measures in response to U.S. warnings amid concern that a new generation of bombs could evade existing scans.