The London Digital Security Centre (LDSC) has been launched to provide support and help businesses protect themselves from cyber criminals.

Two arrests have been made today in relation to online auction fraud in Manchester, it has been reported.

The MI5 is paying Muslims across the country to snoop on homegrown Islamist extremists in short-term missions to avert terror strikes, The Guardian has reported.

Australia’s Chief of Joint Operations David Johnson has claimed that the terrorist organisation ISIL has lost more than 7,000 fighters over the past year.

A high court official has seized the passport of a schoolgirl in Bethnal Green thought to be at risk of travelling to join ISIL.

The names, email addresses and passwords of staff at the Foreign Office and a number of local authorities are believed to have been leaked onto the internet by terrorist organisation ISIL.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) have signed two new IT and communications contracts that are expected to bring savings £1 billion.

Anjem Choudary, 48, is one of two men who have been charged with inviting support for the terrorist organisation IS.

The deputy chief constable for East Midlands has said that a number of people who travelled to join IS are now back in the East Midlands.

Prime Minister David Cameron has outlined new measures to tackle home grown extremism in a keynote speech on 20 July.

In a speech on 20 July, Prime Minister David Cameron will unveil a five year plan to combat home grown Islamist extremism.

Following 20 months of negotiation, Iran has agreed a long-term nuclear deal to limit its nuclear activities in return for the lifting of sanctions.

Following the commitment to spend two per cent of GDP on defence in the Summer Budget, Prime Minister David Cameron has called for a Defence Review to give particular consideration to tackling the threat of extremism.

The government has committed to spending two per cent of GDP on UK defence, not just this year but every year as Chancellor George Osborne delivered the first fully-Conservative Budget in the House of Commons since 1996.

Britain may consider expanding its air strikes against terrorist group Islamic State (IS) beyond Iraq to targets in Syria, as the Defence Secretary argues the current strategy is illogical.

Key public bodies across the country will be legally required to take steps to prevent people from being radicalised under new counter-terror measures.