The United States and Australia have signed an agreement to bolster US air and navy presence in northern Australia, under a plan to strengthen defence ties and project more power into the Asia Pacific, where China's influence is growing.

President Barack Obama has quietly agreed to a secret ten-year deal with the United Kingdom to collaborate on nuclear weapons technology and materials.

Norwegian security service PST said  that it has received information about an imminent threat against the country from individuals with links to Islamic fighters in Syria.

Britain will invest 1.1 billion pounds in defence equipment such as surveillance aircraft, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday, to enable it to better respond to threats including terrorism and cyber attacks.

Airports including London Heathrow, Europe’s busiest, stepped up security checks with unspecified measures in response to U.S. warnings amid concern that a new generation of bombs could evade existing scans.

The US is ready to provide military support for Iraq's efforts to halt a bloody insurgency by jihadist militants but it will not include troops and is dependent on the country's political leaders acting to resolve sectarian differences, Barack Obama said.

Theresa May has claimed that the UK is not a 'surveillance state' while simultaneously asking for greater surveillance powers.

David Cameron will hold talks on Wednesday with his most senior security advisers to discuss the crisis in Iraq after he warned Islamist militants challenging the Baghdad government represented "the most serous threat to Britain's security that there is today".

Officers from London are taking part in a major operation to tackle London’s “real and serious” terrorist threat.

President Obama has proposed setting up a $5billion fund to expand the Pentagon’s counter-terrorism efforts, as he flagged more US support for moderate Syrian rebels.

Police in London have launched an initiative to raise awareness of security and counter-terror issues among the general public.

150 anti-terror teams have been deployed in Beijing following a number of attacks made by extremists from the Xinjiang region in northwest China. Explosives were detonated at a train station in Urumqi in April, while in March a similar strike left 33 people dead and 140 injured.

British and French leaders have warned about the rising number of their nationals joining Takfiri militants in Syria, saying they are an unprecedented security threat to both countries.

Chinese police in the far western region of Xinjiang have taken down 23 "terror and religious extremism groups" and caught more than 200 suspects in May, state media said, days after the region's deadliest attack in years.

MPs have raised renewed concerns over the long-term affordability of the Ministry of Defence's 10-year equipment plan.

Small to medium sized businesses believe they are facing more risk than at any time since the first quarter of 2013, according to Zurich’s SME risk index.


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