The UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has warned that the number of major cyber security attacks that threaten national security has doubled in the past year.

Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond has announced if the Russian plane crash is proved to be a terror attack, Britain will demand better security is areas where Islamic State is active.

Schools Week is reporting that the number of referrals made by the education sector to the government’s anti-radicalisation scheme, Channel, has dramatically increased from 20 in 2012/13 to 424 last year.

The Foreign Office is currently working to resume flights between the UK and Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, after they were suspended amid security fears.

It has emerged that MI5 has covertly been collecting significant quantities of data about phone calls over the past decade, in order to search for terrorist connections.

Details of the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill have been revealed, which would grant additional powers for security and intelligence services to intercept communications data.

Andrew Parker, director general of MI5, has said that the Investigatory Powers Bill, which will grant additional powers to intercept communication data, is needed to keep the country safe.

Former Business Secretary Vince Cable has said that government efforts to counter extremism at universities will lead to bland debates without preventing radicalisation.

Greater Manchester chief constable Sir Peter Fahy has warned that the government’s proposed crackdown on extremism could risk undermining British values by damaging free speech and religious freedom.

The government has launched a major drive to combat the ’infiltration’ of the public sector by extremists.

Ways to counter the use of drones for terrorist activity are being considered as part of the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to ban any suspected extremists from working in close proximity to children.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced a credit union has been launched which will provide support for Armed Forces personnel, enabling them to access safe and affordable finance.

According to the BBC, eight people per day were referred to the government’s deradicalisation scheme, ‘Channel’, over the summer.

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that Ofsted will inspect religious education institutions, such as madrasas.

Prime Minister David Cameron has launched a new investment into the counter terrorism capabilities for the armed forces, unveiling plans to double the current RAF Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) fleet and upgrade Special Forces’ equipment.