The military, emergency services and Government are testing their ability to handle a terror attack in London’s largest counter-terrorism exercise to date.

North Africa Minister Tobias Ellwood confirmed at least 15 British nationals had been killed in Tunisia, and warned the number might rise.

Four years after its departure from Iraq, Nato is planning to re-engage with the country by training officers to help in the fight against Islamic State.

Theresa May’s most senior terrorism advisor has warned against portraying muslim communities as “intrinsically extremist”, as this over simplifies the issues surrounding radicalisation.

Dr Muhammed Tahir Al Qadri, a Pakistani politician and Islamic scholar, has suggested that muslims should take counter extremism lessons to help prevent radicalisation as a part of the national curriculum in schools.

A new Europe wide police team is being formed to scour the internet for leaders behind Islamic State’s (IS) social media presence, which is being used to recruit foreign fighters.

Service personnel and their families are moving into hundreds of new homes built under the army’s Borona Programme

An increase in the number of troops co-operating has sent a clear message about the Alliance’s resolve, says defence secretary.

The Trident safety whistleblower William McNeilly has been dishonourably discharged from the Royal Navy, after publishing an online dossier claiming the UK’s nuclear deterrent was dangerously unsafe.

There are fears that Russia and China may expose British and American intelligence agents to its allies after spies have reportedly cracked a cache of files stolen by whistle blower Edward Snowden.

A report advising government on surveillance powers has been published that suggests the government should continue bulk collection of data, but also outlines changes that should be made to the current laws and procedures in place.

In response to the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, which will come into force 1 July and requires that schools “prevent pupils being drawn into terrorism”, schools are turning to ‘anti terrorism software’ to monitor pupil’s internet use.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced at the G7 summit in Germany that the UK would deploy a further 125 soldiers to join the counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) training effort.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) confirmed on 4 June that a breach in security may have put up to four million current and former US government employees’ information at risk.

Swedish terror suspect Bherlin Gildo, 37, has been formerly cleared after his lawyers argued British intelligence agencies were supporting the same Syrian opposition groups he was.

The Information Security Breaches Survey 2015, published by Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey on 2 June, shows the scale and cost of security breaches for business has nearly doubled.


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