Drinks in containers over 100ml not allowed into the Olympic venues

Checks will pre-screen individuals who volunteer information about themselves before flying

Savings come through money the UK has been prevented from losing through cyber crime

Commons Home Affairs Committee calls for role to be given to the new National Crime Agency

Adoption of smarter visa and border security policies could drive jobs and economic growth

John Reid warns not to be complacent despite efforts to preserve safety and security over the past decade

Centre will tackle growing threats from cyber terrorism and cyber crime

300 machines will be deployed with new automated target recognition software

New qualification follows new skills framework for aviation security

Security is stated to be a top priority

Potential threats will be detected on a generic outline rather than on the image of an actual passenger

Exercises test scenarios that could impact the running of the Games, such as a terrorist attack

Aim of the strategy is to reduce the risk to the UK and UK interests

Website allow referrals to be made anonymously to Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit

Event will help businesses identify measures to take for preventing and recovering from a terrorist attack

New agency will give a national overview of organised crime for the first time and allow crime fighting teams to work together