£1.5 million contract extension for Safetell

Safetell Limited, sponsor of the Counter Terror Policing Award at the recent Counter Terror Awards, has announced a formal contract extension for the supply of physical security equipment to the London Stock Market.

Consisting of secured orders for the supply of service and maintenance support for ‘Fast Rising Screens’ and the supply of new Fast Rising Screen, the contract is a one-year extension to an original contract agreed in March 2012.

Marie-Claire Dwek, CEO of Newmark, owners of Safetell Limited, said: “We have supplied this customer for the last 28 years and we are delighted that the quality of our product and service offering continues to be recognised. Safetell recently expanded its product and service proposition to capitalise upon the burgeoning counter-terror market and in response to the challenging market conditions as a result of branch closures that are occurring in the banking sector, yet it is reassuring to see continuing demand for our physical security products and associated service and maintenance support from this long-term customer.”

Safetell designs, manufactures, installs and provides maintenance for a range of bespoke physical security, counter-terror, and target hardening solutions. On 6 March, the inaugural Counter Terror Awards saw the company sponsor the Counter Terror Policing Award, which was won by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary for its success in moving these large numbers of armed officers from all over the UK in response to developing and potential terrorist attacks.

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