Rolling Stones concerts strong against security breaches

Two Rolling Stones concerts became the latest high profile events to receive the highest level of protection against potential terror attacks. An innovative road block system was deployed to protect the events and its attendees from any security breaches for the concerns on 2 June at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry and three days later in Manchester, ensuring the safety of over 30,000 music fans. ATG Access’ Surface Guard was installed at three locations around the Ricoh arena and at two locations around Manchester’s Old Trafford Stadium, in part due to the attacks across Europe last year, noticeably at Manchester Arena. The Surface Guard barrier can withstand the impact of a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 32kph and has been tested in accordance to the IWA 14 crash test standard. Its lightweight and modular design means that it was deployed at both locations quickly and efficiently minimising disruption to event operation and the surrounding area. Glenn Cooper, CEO at ATG Access, said: “Following the appalling attacks at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris and also at the Manchester Arena, event organisers have realised that they need to take additional steps in order to protect attendees. “The safety of fans is paramount, and it is great to see that event organisers are increasingly turning to our innovative Surface Guard solution as the answer. When it comes to pedestrian-permeable, temporary event security, there aren’t any other security solutions that can challenge Surface Guard’s effectiveness, nor its ability to be rapidly deployed. This makes it an excellent option for securing temporary events and concerts. “High impact, low technological methods to disrupt and intimidate society have taken place in recent years and we must do all we can to mitigate such methods. The Surface Guard provides an ideal solution in temporary event security due to its deployable nature and how it fits into the event surroundings. Making communitites feel safe and secure in environments to enjoy world famous music artists is something we are very proud to do.”


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