Ramora UK completes WWII mine disposal project

Ramora UK has successfully removed the second of two WWII pipemines that had been buried underground for some 60 years on land that currently forms part of the BAE Systems site at Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

The first mine, which was located close to the Island’s main gas pipe, was detonated safely last month. But work had to be suspended on dealing with the second one as it was discovered to be some 2 metres larger than expected with a significant bowing in the centre. However, during overnight operations that took place on 29th/30th June, this mine was also successfully and safely detonated

David Welch MIExpE, Managing Director of Ramora UK commented: “The success of this operation demonstrates how expert commercial operators, working closely with the relevant authorities, can safely undertake work that has previously been carried out only by the military. We are confident that this has set a strong precedent for new ways of tackling all forms of bomb disposal in the future.”

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