1,200 more troops on standby for the Olympics

Despite an additional 1,200 troops placed on standby for possible duties at the Olympics, Government ministers believe there's no current need to deploy more soldiers.

In a statement issued by Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Culture, the Olympics, Media and Sport, the Government stressed: "G4S numbers are rising and we are seeing an improvement in the company's performance, which is to be welcomed."

The minister continued: “Safety and security will always have the highest priority. As we have said we must prepare for every contingency. We are therefore putting an additional 1,200 troops on standby, reducing their notice to move from seven days to 48 hours."

He added: "We hope that will not be necessary but this is a sensible precaution. There will be other challenges over the coming weeks, but we are confident that we are on track to stage a great Games.”

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