Theresa May to chair Cobra meeting following Finsbury Park attack

Government’s emergency committee to meet as police treat Finsbury Park attack as a terrorist incident.

Theresa May is due to chair a Cobra meeting on Monday following a terrorist attack in which a van ploughed into people near a mosque in north London. It is the third terrorist incident in London in which a van has been used as a weapon.

Amber Rudd, the home secretary, revealed that police are treating the events as a terrorist incident. Rudd said that the government will strive to ensure that mosques and other places of worship had access to money from a government fund to help protect them. She added: “Unfortunately, we have again woken up to another terrible incident in London where a man has taken hold of a van and driven into an innocent group of people. The police are treating it as a terrorist incident. Londoners have been hit with a series of attacks and have actually been nothing short of heroic. We will always make sure that everybody is protected.”

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