‘Soft sentence’ correctible with Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme

19 terror-related offences will be added to the Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) scheme to keep communities safe.

People found guilty of encouraging terrorism, sharing terrorist propaganda and other terror-related offences could see their sentences increased if the victims or public think the punishment is too soft, it has been revealed.

Under plans confirmed by ministers, the new ULS scheme, which allows victims of crime and the public to challenge the sentences given by the courts, will now include an increased range of terror-related offences.

The scheme enables anyone to ask the Attorney General to review a sentence, and, where appropriate, the Attorney General can refer it to the Court of Appeal for reconsideration.

The most serious terror offences are already covered, but under this new scheme the sentences for 19 offences will also be eligible for review.

The scheme comes after the Home Secretary announced the government’s commitment to confront extremism, promote integration and identify new policies to tackle extremism. The government has also committed itself to recognising the devastating impact terrorism has on victims and communities, making sure victims see justice done, and helping to protect the public.

Dominic Raab, Justice Minister, said: “We want the most robust sentences for any terrorist crimes and for victims to have every opportunity to see justice delivered.

“Our action will reinforce our focus on deterring people who help radicalise terrorists, and punishing those who willfully turn a blind eye to terrorist activity.”

Jeremy Wright, Attorney General, said: “The ULS scheme allows victims of crime, their families and the public to request a sentence review if they feel it’s too low.

“Widening the scheme to include terrorism offences will allow us to challenge more sentences and is a welcome first step to extending it even further.

“Crimes of this nature will not be tolerated in our society and those convicted of terrorism will receive the sentence they deserve.”

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