Manchester bombing leaves over 800 injured

The May 2017 attack on Manchester Arena has left more than 800 people suffering from physical and psychological injuries, police have said. Approaching a year since the attack on the Ariana Grande concert, which left 22 people dead, Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson said the night's events would be ‘forever’ etched in the city's history and that many lives ‘have been altered forever’. Alongside the death toll, police had previously reported 500 people were hurt in the attack, but have now conceded that ‘there are over 800 people with physical and deep psychological injuries from the attack’. A team of about 100 investigators are still working on the murder investigation ‘preparing for a trial’, with Jackson admitting that it was difficult to provide an update on the progress of the extradition of Abedi's brother Hashem Abedi, who is currently in custody in Libya.


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