Allies strike chemical weapon facility in Syria

British RAF forces joined it’s allies in a precision strike on Syrian installations involved in the regime’s use of chemical weapons against its own people. Issued in response to a chemical weapon attack on 7 April in Douma, in which 75 people were killed, Prime Minister Theresa May, who agreed to the strikes prior to Parliamentary approval, said that this pattern of behaviour had to be stopped before the norms that prevent the use of chemical weapons became ‘eroded’. Some criticism has been sent the Prime Minister’s way, accusing the Conservative leader of being to quick to join US President Donald trump and French President Emmanuel Macron in issuing the air strikes. An emergency debate was secured by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who accused May of ‘by-passing Parliament’. Having discussed the topic for six hours on 17 April, a second debate is set to take place on 18 April, with many ministers arguing that the debate was needed to clarify the government's obligation to consult MPs before military intervention. The second debate is not expected to result in a binding vote. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “The reprehensible use of chemical weapons in Douma is further evidence of the Syrian regime’s appalling cruelty against its own people. We will not stand by whilst innocent civilians, including women and children, are killed and made to suffer. “The international community has responded decisively with legal and proportionate military force. Let these united actions send a clear message to the regime – the use of chemical weapons is categorically unacceptable and you will be held to account.”


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