Rule book torn up to tackle terror threat

A former leading Metropolitan Police officer has said that the 'rule book' on tackling cyber crime and terrorism is constantly being torn up to meet emerging threats.

Speaking at the British Venture Capital Association Summit, Maxine de Brunner, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner, said that the Metropolitan Police had to embrace widespread change in training and culture to deal with changing trends in cyber crime and terrorism.

She said: “70 per cent of robberies in London today are mobile phone thefts which generate widespread identity theft crimes. At the Met we had to undergo rapid change to deal with this threat more effectively.

"The same willingness to embrace change applies to the terrorism threat. We have to stay ahead of the terrorists or they win. The events at the London Bridge attack were horrific and tragic but police were able to respond within eight minutes and that would have been very difficult a few years ago. Every single person can make a change to their own organisations which will help in dealing with these type of threats."

Georgina Squire, head of dispute resolution at Rosling King, added: "We have seen a significant growth in the number of cyber crime and security related problems - such as data breaches - being referred to us to resolver. All of which have done great harm to organisations."

The British Venture Capital Association summit was hosted by Rosling King, a UK-based law firm.

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