2017 UK terror-related arrests rose to record high

The Home Office has revealed that the number of people arrested for terrorism-related offences in the UK rose by 58 per cent to a record high of 412 in 2017. Compared with 261 arrests in 2016, the arrests last year included 12 people arrested for the Westminster attacks in March, 23 people linked to the attack in Manchester in May, 21 arrests connected with the London Bridge attack in June and one arrest in connection with the Finsbury Park mosque attack later that month. Additionally, a further seven arrests were made in connection with the attack on Parsons Green tube station in September. The Home Office figures show that of the 412 arrests in 2017, 135 people were charged, 110 of which for terrorism-related offences. Furthermore, 228 were released without charge, 33 were released on bail pending further investigation and 13 faced alternative action. The quarterly statistics also show that the Metropolitan Police has increased its use of counter terror stop and search powers, rising by 59 per cent in 2017 to 767 from 483 the year before.


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