Explosive detection dogs to screen cargo at airports

In another bid to reinforce the UK’s aviation security, free running explosive detection dogs (FREDDs) will be introduced in cargo sheds at British airports to better detect minute traces of explosives concealed in air freight. The dogs are being used alongside existing screening methods, offering a rapid and effective way of screening large volumes of air cargo. FREDDs will join other dogs in enhancing security at UK airports, helping police to identify criminals and prevent illegal activity and fight the threat of terrorism. Baroness Sugg, Aviation Minister, said: “Free running explosive detection dogs are the latest addition to the government’s multi-layered approach to tackling potential aviation security threats. The ability of these highly-skilled dogs to detect small amounts of vapour from explosives hidden in cargo will bolster our existing rigorous security methods, and I was really impressed to see them in action. The UK’s aviation security standards are already among the best in the world and we will continue to seek out new and innovative ways to ensure that passengers remain protected.” The Civil Aviation Authority has reported that goods worth £178 billion were transported by air between the UK and non-EU countries in 2016. Furthermore, 2.4 million tonnes of freight passed through the UK’s airports in the same year.