Culprits behind nerve agent attack ‘will be found’

Neil Basu has said he is confident that the culprits behind the recent Salisbury nerve agent attack would be found.

Vehicle rental sector supports new ACT campaign

The BVRLA is supporting the new national ACT campaign to help raise awareness of the different methods of terrorist attacks.

MPs call for security focus in Brexit talks

New report warns of legal and political obstacles in the way of achieving continued close policing and security cooperation post-Brexit.

Police spend £1.3 million on cyber crime training

UK police forces spent a total of £1,320,341 on cyber crime training courses in the last three years.

NaCTSO launch Action Counters Terrorism

NaCTSO has launched its Action Counters Terrorism campaign which encourages people to report suspicious behaviour.

NHS Prevent programme becoming blurred

New research by the University of Warwick has found that the line between mental illness and radicalisation is becoming increasingly blurred.

Patrol officers ‘deserve the protection’ of stun guns

Simon Chesterman has said that all police officers on routine patrol should be allowed to carry stun guns.

Ahmed Hassan found guilty of Parsons Green bombing

18-year-old Ahmed Hassan has been found guilty of attempted murder for planting his home-made bomb on a tube.

Plans for new chemical weapons defence centre

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is set to announce that the UK will build a new £48 million chemical weapons facility.

ACT Awareness to launch in April

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office has announced that it will launch ACT Awareness eLearning in April 2018.

2017 UK terror-related arrests rose to record high

The number of people arrested for terrorism-related offences in the UK rose by 58 per cent to a record high of 412 in 2017.

MOD opens new Defence Cyber School

A new Defence Cyber School has been opened to address specialist skills in line with National Cyber Security Strategy objectives.

Parsons Green bomber ‘trained by ISIS’

The Parsons Green Tube bombing suspect has claimed that he had been taken by force by ISIS in Iraq and given training.

Innovative exercise to combat cyber attacks

The Metropolitan Police has unveiled an innovative new exercise that teaches companies how to protect against cyber attacks.

Fallon presents inaugural Counter Terror Awards

Former Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has presented the first Counter Terror Awards at day one of SCTX.

Neil Basu made new lead for counter terrorism policing

Neil Basu has been appointed as the new Assistant Commissioner responsible for leading counter terrorism policing.


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