Over 1,000 companies join counter terrorism training course

Over 1,000 companies across the UK have signed up to an innovative one-hour training scheme that could help prevent terror attacks.

Life-threatening cyber attack on UK likely

The National Cyber Security Centre has warned that a life-threatening incident will almost inevitably strike the UK.

Counter terror measures for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Reports have claimed that counter terrorism measures to protect the Royal Shakespeare Theatre from attacks are to be in place next month.

Committee proposes amendments to Counter Terrorism bill

An influential committee has proposed amendments to the government's Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill.

Large-scale terrorism investigation must consider communities

The terrorism watchdog has said that police need to consider the impact of large-scale operations on communities.

Javid joins European counterparts in security discussions

Home Secretary Sajid Javid joined six European Interior Ministers at a G6 Summit in Lyon to discuss security and terrorism.

Chemical weapon attack nearing likelihood in UK

Ben Wallace has warned that the possibility of a terrorist attack in the UK involving chemical or biological weapons is getting closer.

Media coverage increasing youth anxiety of terrorism

Media coverage of terror attacks is leaving young people anxious and with an exaggerated fear of becoming victims.

Acting Met boss witnessed Westminster attack from car

Sir Craig Mackey has said that he witnessed the murder of PC Keith Palmer during the Westminster attack from inside his car.

UK exposes Russia’s ‘reckless’ cyber attacks

The NCSC has identified a campaign by the Russian military intelligence service of indiscriminate and reckless cyber attacks.

Police target Muslim Association in north France

French police officers have launched a major counter terrorism raid targeting a Muslim Association suspected of supporting terror groups.

TfL ‘must raise game’ to protect against terrorism

TfL must ‘raise its game’ to protect people from the threat of terrorism in the wake of the Westminster Bridge attack.

New generation of ‘cyber cadets’ revealed

The Defence Secretary has announced a new scheme to help develop the next generation of cyber security experts.

Major terrorist attack thwarted in Netherlands

Police in the Netherlands have arrested seven men over an attempt to carry out ‘a major terrorist attack’ involving guns and explosives.

Change the vocabulary around terrorism

A new #WordsMatter campaign has been launched by a number of terrorist attack survivors to change the vocabulary around terrorism.

New strategic direction established for ESN

The Home Office has set a new strategic direction for the ESN following an in-depth review, which will save the public £200 million a year.