Conflict wound research centre opens

The first specialist wound research centre has opened for those who have suffered injuries in incidents like terrorist attacks.

Machine learning helping Facebook fight online terrorism

Facebook is using machine learning to assess posts that may signal support for ISIS or al-Qaeda.

Melbourne terror suspect shot dead

A man who stabbed three people in the Australian city of Melbourne has died in hospital after being shot by police.

National exercise to test terrorism response

The emergency services have undertaken a three-day exercise to rehearse their response to a major terrorist attack.

New counter terrorism tactics at Luton Airport

Police officers at London Luton Airport have adopted new counter terrorism tactics to deter potential terrorists.

Terrorist attack response tested in West Yorkshire

A training exercise to test the response of the emergency services to a terrorist attack has taken place in West Yorkshire.

£160m for counter terrorism policing contradiction

A leaked security letter has suggested that the Chancellor exaggerated funding for counter terrorism policing in the Budget.

‘Terrorist explosion’ in Tunisian capital

At least nine people have been injured after a 30-year-old woman blew herself up in the centre of Tunis.

£160 million on counter terror funding next year

Chancellor Philip Hammond announces that the government will spend an extra £160 million on counter terror policing next year.

MI5 to lead fight against extreme rightwing terrorism

MI5 will take the lead in combating extreme rightwing terrorism amid increasing fears over violent racial conflict on Britain’s streets.

Counter terror bill ‘threat to press freedom’

Powers to tackle the ‘vaguely defined’ crime of hostile state activity could threaten the protection of journalistic sources.

UK police not matching evolving terrorism threat

Neil Basu warns that UK police forces are not a match for the threat of Islamist and extreme far-right terrorism.

citizenAID launches updated version of attack response app

citizenAID has released an updated version of its app to help the public protect themselves when there are casualties from an attack.

US military figure urges UK to take back IS 'foreign fighters'

Major General Patrick Roberson has called on the UK to take back Islamic State fighters who have been ‘caught on the battlefield’ in Syria.

Anjem Choudary has been released from prison

Anjem Choudary has now served half of his sentence and will complete the rest under strict supervision having been released from prison.

£5 million for community groups to fight extremism

Baroness Williams has awarded £5.3 million for projects countering extremist views to help build resilience within communities.