CTB Issue 21

CTB Issue 21

Terrorist profiling
Dr Paul Gill’s new book Lone Actor Terrorists: A behavioural analysis seeks to build upon a strand of research examining lone-actor terrorism and a scientific approach to terrorist behaviour

Airport Security
The British Security Industry Association’s James Kelly discusses the importance of civil aviation security and how airports ensure the safety of staff and passenger

Critical Infrastructure
Tony Berning of OPSWAT outlines a secure data workflow which organisations can implement in order to balance their security needs against their operational requirements

Counter Terror Business Issue 20

CTB Issue 20

Cargo Crime
Terrorism and theft don’t always go hand-in-hand but in the supply chain, any infiltration of goods in transit by road, air, sea or rail could just as easily be exploited by people with either intent, writes Laurence Brown, executive director of the Transported Asset Protection Association

Drone Technology
Can drone technology, under proper legal regulation, deliver significant benefits for the UK’s national security policy and economy? A report from the University of Birmingham Policy Commission examines the issue

Counter Terror Expo
Understanding and combating terror threats is a critical priority for civil, military and private sector stakeholders. Counter Terror Expo 2015 leads the way in mitigating the threat of terrorism

Counter Terror Business Issue 19

CTB Issue 19

Counter Terrorism
Paul Easter MBE outlines the difficulties Western powers have faced in attempting to build democratic nations in the Middle East

Cyber Security: DoS Attacks
Amar Singh of ISACA reports on the damage denial of service (DoS) attacks can do and offers advice on how to protect your organisation

Terrorism Trends
Former CIA intelligence analyst Mat Burrows examines the wider issues shaping unrest in the Middle East


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