Counter Terror Business Issue 24

CTB Issue 24

Policing and Counter Terror
Ippso's Chris Phillips discusses the changing role of the UK's police force and the counter terror capabilities they should possess.

Business Continuity
Predicting where terror attacks are coming from is nigh-on impossible. The Business Continuity Institute's Andrew Scott discusses the before and after of business continuity in an event crisis.

Border Control
The Hauge welcomed the border protection industry between 8-10 December for the 4th World Borderpol Congress

CTB Issue 23

CTB Issue 23

European Funding
Following the latest EU Budget announcement, Counter Terror Business analyses the figures and what it means for counter terrorism spend

Cyber Security
The Global Cybersecurity Index measures each nation’s level of commitment to the ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Agenda, with the aim of highlighting potential areas for improvement

Perimeter Security
The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association’s questions what PAS 68 actually means, and what it can say about the procurement of security solutions

CTB Issue 22

CTB Issue 22

Counter Terrorism
University professor Hamed El-Said shares his thoughts on the issue that traditional approaches to fighting terrorism are not working, and instead argues that countering radicalisation in the first place is a better approach to the problem

Cyber Security
Professor Mike Jackson, IT and cyber security expert at Birmingham City University’s Business School, examines the proposed ‘Investigatory Powers Bill’ and asks what this means for public privacy

Safe Cities
Geoff Zeidler, past chair of the British Security Industry Association, discusses the topic of ‘Safe Cities’ and the work that’s currently underway to develop best practice in London


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Me and You Education is a collaboration between two companies with divergent backgrounds that provides deep insights into the murky and complex world of Counter Terrorism.