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BAPCO 2010 saw quality visitors and great business despite travel restrictions

Laurence Goode, chairman of the newly formed Perimeter Security Suppliers Association throws some light on, and raises some important questions relating to the use of the highest security perimeter products

It is widely accepted that in most terrorist bomb incidents in an urban environment, by far the largest proportion – as much as 90 per cent of the injuries or fatalities are as a result of flying glass

Chris Phillips DCI, head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, looks at how businesses can help reduce their vulnerability to a terrorist attack

Due to the nature of their work, high profile government and industrial figures face a number of threats in their everyday lives. To ensure their safety, a Close Protection Officer is often employed to provide protection. Dave Allison, the British Security Industry Association’s Close Protection Section Chairman, examines the role of the CPO in protecting these high profile figures

Countering the terrorism threat is high up on the list of priorities for the Government, police and the security industry and a partnership between the three is vital in order to ensure that risks are reduced. The private security industry is playing an increasing role in this through its support of CONTEST, the Home Office’s counter-terrorism strategy. David Evans, a British Security Industry Authority’s (BSIA) director, looks at how the private security industry can support this strategy

A resurgence in Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks has promted governments on boths sides of the Atlantic to question their counter-terrorism strategies

Ashley Smith, the BSIA’s Civil Aviation Security Section Chairman, examines the various measures that are available to enhance an airport’s security system

CCTV-based Video Content Analysis can detect suspicious activity at the earliest possible stage, says Pauline Norstrom, the British Security Industry Associaton’s CCTV Section Chairman