CCTV-based Video Content Analysis can detect suspicious activity at the earliest possible stage, says Pauline Norstrom, the British Security Industry Associaton’s CCTV Section Chairman

Threat profiling and the intelligent use of technology by Dr. James Ionson

Counter Terror Expo is the only major international exhibition and conference of its kind to take place in the UK, dedicated to addressing the continuing worldwide threat from terrorism. The pre-eminent specialist event will take centre stage at London Olympia 14-15 April 2010.

How can public sector organisations make sure they have the right security systems in place to protect them from a terrorist attack in these financially constrained times, asks Ian Johnson, the BSIA’s Security Consultancies Section Chairman

Phil Dennis, Business Director of Advanced Research & Technology, outlines recent developments in technology for Port Security

Pauline Norstrom, the British Security Industry Associaton's (BSIA) CCTV Section Chairman, looks at technologies to detect suspicious activity at the earliest possible stage

Dr Guy Sadler of Boartes Strategic Services warns that despite the primary focus on container port security, national security and land cargo transporters themselves are equally threatened by terrorists

Brodie Clark, head of the Border Force, discusses how technology is being used to strengthen the UK’s border control

The race is on to identify advanced screening technologies that can detect explosive threats in liquid, aerosol and gel products

Proper procedures must be followed to secure the integrity of digital evidence, says Pauline Norstrom, of BSIA CCTV Section


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