Major incident management: creating an integrated approach

Martin Iversen explores how the role of a CRO is becoming increasingly vital in building resilience across industry, commerce and communities

Know the Game Plan - sports fans urged to be vigilant

Counter Terror Policing detail their ‘Know your Game Plan’ advice and explain why supporters are integral in fighting the threat of terrorism

Picture credit: Hardstaff Barriers

Paul Jeffrey, chairman of the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association, looks at the importance of accreditation for entry point control

Ensuring crowded places protection

In today’s world we welcome open and social spaces to enjoy time in a safe and secure environment. But what about protection measures?

Cyber terrorism: Waging war through the internet

The cyber world has truly become the next geo-political battleground, and everyone is target, says Trevor Reschke

Terrorists and the Web 2.0: the new challenges

Joe Whittaker and Amy-Louise Watkin discuss the regulation of online propaganda from a range of social media platforms

Shape shifting strategy and strategic catch-up

Thomas Sansom looks at the rise of vehicle terrorism across Europe and America and why security authorities must no longer play strategic catch up with terrorism

Can physical security be both effective and visually appealing?

Gavin Hepburn discusses how architectsbuilders can implement security measures into new and existing environments to ensure people are kept safe

CTB Panel of Experts: cloud security

Our Panel of Experts look at the potential benefits cloud technology can offer to forces at the front line and the potential obstacles the technology may face

CTB Panel of Experts: critical communications

How can organisations be sure of a reliable communications service when network coverage is disrupted by a terrorist attack?