The top read CTB articles of 2017

As we begin to guess what the changing face of the terrorism will look like in 2018, take a look back at our top read features from last year.

1 - Protecting the public this Christmas (17 November 2017)
Last month it was revealed that armed and plain clothes police officers will be deployed at Manchester Christmas markets, in addition to security barriers which are to be erected around the city centre. Iain Moran, high security consultant at ATG Access, looks at the importance of keeping the public safe during the festive period amidst times of heightened security

2 - The unpredictability of the long anticipated attack (6 April 2017)
On 22 March Khalid Masood launched an individual attack outside the Houses of Parliament in London, killing and injuring by driving his car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge. Having long held a ‘severe’ terrorist threat level, how prepared was London for the attack?

The unpredictability of the long anticipated attack

3 - Developing a new Prevent strategy (9 November 2017)
In recent months both Prime Minister Theresa May and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham have made significant interventions in the debate on counter extremism. In this article, Bob Hindle of Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester, explains why a new Prevent strategy is needed, and how that might develop

4 - Evolution of terrorists’ use of the Internet (20 October 2017)
Amy-Louise Watkin & Joe Whittaker, from Swansea University, discuss social media as a tool for terrorism, and how terrorists use the opportunity such sites present to reach audiences less familiar with the deep, dark web

5 - Securing UK borders from terrorist threats (21 February 2017)
Whether Brexiteer or remainer, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union in June 2016 will have a major impact on the way the country deals with and handles migration. In the first of its monthly reports for the Security & Counter Terror Expo, Counter Terror Business looks at how border security will help ease the migration flow to the UK and keep terrorism at bay

6 - Border security: Getting back to basics (11 January 2017)
Tony Smith, global border security consultant and former director general of the UK Border Force, looks at the pressures upon our border agencies and how how technology is both aiding and challenging border security efforts within the UK

 Getting back to basics

7 - Preventing terrorism and protecting the world’s civilians (21 February 2017)
Leading security figures from around the globe will discuss changing terrorist threats at the World Counter Terror Congress in May, as part of the Security & Counter Terror Expo

8 - Tackling terrorism in the drone zone (21 February 2017)
The development in drone technology has soared over the last few years. With the potential for criminals and terrorists to exploit the technology advances, Counter Terror Business analyses the potential use and misuse of unmanned aerial vehicles

Tackling terrorism in the drone zone

9 - CTB Interview: DCS Scott Wilson (6 April 2017)
Ahead of the Security & Counter Terror Expo, Counter Terror Business posed some questions to Scott Wilson, who will be presenting his Keynote Address on the international expansion of Protect and Prepare on 3 May

10 - Counter terrorist security at major events (21 February 2017)
The November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris shook the whole of Europe and raised the importance of event security to British and European law and security leaders. In the second of its monthly reports for the Security & Counter Terror Expo, Counter Terror Business looks at the importance of contingency planning at large events


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